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    If you’re not familiar with the SCP Foundation, it’s a collaborative sci-fi/modern fantasy/horror writing site that depicts an organization very similar to the Black Watchmen. I wanted to make a fan-mission set, and I figured that using the SCP wiki as a jumping-off point for research would be fun. If I update this later—which I’m planning to, although since I’m a senior in college I don’t know if I’ll have the time—I’ll try to link the SCP and Black Watchmen universes a little more, and include a backstory for what the actual goals of PROJECT ARISTOPHANES are.


    Welcome to PROJECT ARISTOPHANES training, agents. Before you begin this training exercise, you will want to familiarize yourselves with the Foundation’s Mission Statement and the guide to Object Classes. We have compiled a short test to ensure your familiarity with the SCP format and the structure of the database. You have been given provisional Level 4 access to the SCP Database, which you will browse to answer the questions in this test. All answers should be entered in the exact format in which they are found in the database—that is, capitalization and punctuation should be maintained.

    These are all really easy questions, so that you can get familiar with the SCP format and the site itself. You can just quickly skim the article and input the answer, but I hope you read the whole article—I picked some good ones for these questions.

    Question 1: What is the object class of SCP-1981?

    Input your answer here.

    When you have completed Training Mission 1, you may proceed to Training Mission 2 (WORK IN PROGRESS).
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    Well, I got to the end! Simple, but it has possibilities. ;) Although, personally, I'm a bit wary of including puzzles where the answer must be exactly the right combination of characters, with correct case...of course I DID finish it, so...
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    "Aristophanes? Ridiculous!"
    I'll be sure to try this one out soon :)
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    Done :) Was cool, more please! :D

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