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    - So I'll try to run an "episodic" OP. This is the first mission.

    - I'll try to write with the most understable english I can do, but I may have a lack of vocabulary or bizarre grammary, so don't expect to find Shakespeare here.

    - I post the BOTH parts of the mission on the same topic. I think most of the people here are attracted by the challenge (easy or hard one) of researching, deciphering, etc... than getting the answer above everything else.

    Welcome agents,

    The monitoring algorithm of our bureau in France intercepted a weird transmission. The FR Field Office reported this transmission as a « DIG», codename for « Damn, Investigate Guys ! » case.

    Notice that their very bad sense of humour has been reported to our main office HQ for further investigations.

    Anyway, this picture attached to this message alerted their monitoring system, so we should see what we can do in our position.

    End of briefing.

    Find the location of the unknown meeting ; then answers back to field agent codename LOUIS - here or by PM - to get confirmation code.

    « Meet me ASAP at the 40th stop. S. »



    Agent LOUIS arrived on the location. He found an interesting piece of paper negligently left behind. Decrypt the message on it, then report answer back by following the previous procedure.

    Retrouve-moi grâce à César le Troisième. S. EHVLHJGH 1211-1212


    ** ******** *****

    ****'* ****** OR
    ******* ** ****

    a specific location.
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