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    The newly-formed Cybertech 255 division may not be taking on world-spanning plots, but they have their own investigations to pursue. If you're interested in helping them out, visit the Cybertech 255 server (commandline.chaoseed.com). Your first token is "LESSONS". Be seeing you...


    I've been working on this project for a while. You can think of it as a "preview", as there's more planned. ;) Currently there are five or so puzzles (probably not that hard), and maybe a couple secrets...

    EDIT: There may have been an issue making it difficult for people to get started with things. I fixed a bug and edited the starting missions a bit. If you couldn't get anywhere, you might want to retry...
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    I managed to get it to work in chrome, however in ms edge aswell as in internet Explorer it got stuck at loading.
    Very nice puzzle!
  3. Chaoseed

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    It should now work with IE (we hope), and the first two puzzles have been made a bit clearer.

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