epiclan stream Ahnayro - Sunday 23 July 7PM BST (1800 UTC)

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  1. Mintcake

    Mintcake Senior Agent

    Hello all,

    In my yet-another-alternate-persona as reech (and I mean come on guys, with all the trouble going down around the TBW universe, having multiple identities is probably the safest thing!) I stream for a few hours on Sunday nights as part of the epic.lan team at twitch.tv/epiclan

    I've been revisiting The Secret World over the past couple of weeks and chatting to people who are current players while explaining the game to those who haven't heard of it before. After getting some questions about investigative missions in TSW, I took an hour out last week to walk people through the start of The Black Watchmen as well, which lead into me talking about the new game.

    This Sunday from 7pm BST (1800 UTC) I'll be covering Ahnayro - and thanks to Anashel, I'll be running a giveaway to those participating in the stream who are there helping me work my way through the Dream World.

    I grabbed Ahnayro after I saw it mentioned on the TBW forums when it shifted onto Steam, and I hadn't had a chance to had a proper play. Reading up on here and a discussion with Anashel pointed me back towards the game, and I'm excited to bring the mix of puzzle solving, spectacular music and strange images to people's attention.

    About reech's epic.LAN slot
    I'm badged up as the presenter for Strange Sundays, and I play games that people don't often think of first; from the strange to the fun, the new to the unremembered. Sundays from 7pm GMT (1800 UTC) and usually on for 2 to 3 hours. After all, how much weird can you cope with on a Sunday night?

    About epic.lan
    epic.LAN is one of the UK's most exciting LAN gaming events featuring a great range of social games and eSports tournaments. We run LAN parties from 32 players up to 400 around the UK as well as working closely with other gaming industry organisations such as EGX. epic.LAN's Stream Team aims to stream gaming content for a few hours every evening at twitch.tv/epiclan - and our presenters have as wide a range of interests as the attendees at our events. So you might join us for some Overwatch, then a tutorial on settlement building in Fallout 4, plus a wander through the Universe in Starbound.
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  2. Mintcake

    Mintcake Senior Agent

    Thanks to everyone who wandered through earlier on Sunday - it was great seeing everyone jump in and participate (both the epic.lan regulars who assisted me in teamspeak, and the people who were on twitch chat!)

    Over the 3 and a half hours, we managed to solve all the puzzles in table 1, including one that kept us there for 45 minutes which, when we realised the solution, made us all cry. With relief. And pain!

    We had some great discussions on how things worked, and how you work such puzzles out - it really does work well as a stream based game with clear pictures, the sigil wheel, and the audio clues for the story. People in chat were able to easily see and ask to nip back and forwards on things , and those on teamspeak were able to listen in and help solve stuff while we were discussing them.

    Anashel, thanks for popping in and letting people know how to find out more about the game - I know the epic.lan regulars have all darted over to the site and steam to grab their own copy, and find out more about the Dream World, and the idea of the ARG has intrigued those that haven't participated before.

    Out of the keys supplied, I've given 5 out in that session tonight, and I've reserved one for the epic.lan content team to do a video and pop on our youtube channel. The remaining ones we'll give out in future weeks - either at a Table 2 play-through session or on another Sunday stream.

    Thanks again - will keep on spreading the word about the game. We all really enjoyed it!
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  3. Anashel

    Anashel Puppet Master Staff Member

    It was really nice to see how you handle the stream, I really enjoyed the collaborative game experience you create to solve the puzzle. A big thanks to all epic.lan for the coverage of Ahnayro!
  4. Mintcake

    Mintcake Senior Agent

    Still getting people in the epiclan channel asking me 'when are we going to do more puzzles' - so a week after the first stream, and people are still loving it. I also know a couple of people who didn't win keys who were playing the stream have also gone and purchased it.

    Looking forward to more, so visiting The Secret World this weekend, but am sure I'll be asked about more puzzles then as well!
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  5. Mintcake

    Mintcake Senior Agent

    ...and here's eM's gameplay review.

    Bearing in mind that eM claimed in channel that 'puzzles really tilt her' I'm glad she took the time to sort this out for us!
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