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    We have been working for over a year crafting the most complex, engaging project possible. There have been many major milestones in the history of The Black Watchmen:
    • our Division 66 was greenlit by 7000 players
    • our Kickstarter campaign was successful
    • our beta program has expanded to over 2000 agents in 64 countries
    • our live events in Montreal, Boston, Louisville and The Hague.
    We are thrilled to reach the next step in our journey, the Early Access.

    What to expect:
    Early access will include the first 6 missions in the client (mostly investigation and cypher based) and 1 community live event aka a real world mission.

    The full game will include 19 in-client missions, 5 community live events, 5 hidden missions over a 3 month rollout with new missions every 2 weeks. Depending on your puzzle solving skills, the expected gameplay is about 35 hours.

    Why the 3 month rollout?
    We change the content and the nature of the missions based on your actions during community live events. For example: if you succeed or fail at a task, you will forever change the story of the game.

    What will happen after 3 months?

    All the in-client missions will remain replayed for a year.

    Is the game played only online?
    You can set a ‘clearance level’ in-game that dictates how the game may interact with you.
    WARNING: Not everyone will be contacted by phone or mail. A higher clearance level does not guarantee that an unmarked black van will show up in front of your house. :)
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