Dream Shards

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    Another simple, relaxful and pleasent day in Eisos.
    She was lying on her bed, sheets in chaos and hair even more. Her head rolled on the other side of its neck, her sight meeting with the glass of her rooms's window. A dark sky slightly polluted by ambiant light from the city.

    But don't get it wrong, it's "day". Since it's hard to have anything lighter when you're living among the stars. Life in the heavens have its perks, and one of them was delightful sights into the cosmos, infinite stare in a sea of lights.

    She could mod her window to show actual, atmosphere-veiled sun, but Lyn just likes to see things in their true, natural, untouched form. A taste for authenticity and truth.

    Rings from the nearby moon of Astia were giving a magical highway to the landscape, from now and then she could see a shuttle or a ship fly across the horizon. An asteroid belt was also there to complete the casting, giving a rough and rocky addition to the creamy painting forever hanging in her room. Sometimes she likes to imagin they're cookie crisps and the moon a giant milk drop, usually the sign she's hungry and then she gets up to get breakfast.

    Exactly what she was going to do, by the way.

    (more to come)

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