Double Update Friday! Tsw In-game Rewards + Interview With Joel Bylos!

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    We are pleased to announce a new In-Game Reward for The Secret World player; The Black Watchmen long coat!

    You will now have the chance to represent The Black Watchmen in-game with this unisex long coat. Provided Kickstarter succeeds, the long coat will be given, to anyone who has pledged $25 and above to the Black Watchmen campaign! The Long Coat will be launched alongside Season 1 of TBW!

    Interview with Joel Bylos, Game Director for The Secret World

    We sat down with Joel Bylos to talk about MMO, ARGs and how to link between The Secret World and the The Black Watchmen IP spin-off.

    Click here to watch the Interview

    In this interview you will also find some early drafts of the game interface; expect an update shortly on this topic!

    - The Dev Team
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