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    Division 88 started as an front to our agents. After that it crew as it own branch sub branch called Nite Team 4. The following services are ran by Division 88,

    Currently offered by Division 88
    URL Shortener (Where it all began): https://div88.org/
    Cryptogram: http://crypt.div88.org
    Image uploader: http://img.div88.org
    QR Generator: http://qr.div88.org
    Status page (Private): http://status.div88.org/
    Status page (Public): http://status.div88.org/public/
    IRC Logs: http://logs.div88.org
    (Old) IRC Logs: http://oldlogs.div88.org/#home
    Mail (very own @div88.org email & Account by request): http://mail.div88.org (Currently doing a rewrite of the system)
    TeamSpeak: http://invite.teamspeak.com/ts.div88.org
    Mastodon: https://mastodon.div88.org

    All services are run in Dublin, Ireland in Azure Cloud computers. All systems have 1 gbit up and down connections.
    Any other services you have in mind? Message me.

    Have fun!
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    Just for curiosity's sake, how would one request a div88.com email address?
    And for the record, me using the W01fsBan3@div88.com address in my rp posts was completely coincidental- I didn't know that this was a thing
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    I will PM you
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