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Discussion in 'General' started by JantsoP, Aug 26, 2016.

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    Division 88 will be moving domain register out from Domain.com to OVH.

    Original domain (div88.org) was bought from domain.com but OVH has much better offers plus better control panel for all my needs.

    At time of writing, OVH is confirming the payment and starting the move in a short period of time. There might a small issue with the domain access but i will keep you guys updated as well.

    Edit on 26.8.2016 23:51 GMT+1:
    Payment accepted and i authorized to OVH the transfer. They are now moving the domain and I've already updated the DNS records. There should not be any downtime but only time will tell

    Edit on 27.8.2016 23:33 GMT+1:
    Move is now complete and all stuff is now under OVH control. There should not be any connection issues but if there is, wait around 24 hours and then try again.
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