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    So, agents..
    I see a disturbing lack of tech in our arsenal.. Huh... But never fear, we can fix all that! Over here in the Division 66 Weapon R&D Facility (actually it's the workshop in my garage on sub-level four), I've been working on a bunch of new weapons and toys to take onto the field. When I get permission from our quartermaster, Agent Treble, I will begin production immediately.

    DIV-66 HAMR-7
    The Division-66 Hybrid Accelerated Magnetic Rifle Mk7 (HAMR-7) is an adaptable, short range assault rifle that uses electromagnetic coils to fire projectiles rather than gunpowder. Its bullpup design gives us the capability to load full 30-round magazines and have an impressive "barrel"-length while still remaining shorter than a typical M4 Carbine. The energy to power the rails comes in the form of a lithium battery, loaded in the rear of the weapon, just in front of the stock. The HAMR-7, by default, comes with standard upper and lower rails for all manner of attachments. On the left hand side (unseen in the following image), there is a selector switch, which lets the user switch between safe, semi-automatic and fully-automatic.

    Fig 1. A standard HAMR-7; in the bottom-right is a size comparison between an M4 and a HAMR-7.

    True to its name, the HAMR-7 uses both coils and rails when it comes to firing a round. First and foremost, the bolt of the weapon is ferromagnetic and a rail is used to pull the bolt back and chamber the next round. When the trigger is pulled, the coils are sequentially activated to create magnetic fields, pulling the round through the weapon.

    Fig 2. A HAMR-7 with a triple coil attached to the end of the weapon. Below it show the size of single and triple coils.
    The HAMR-7 has two unique features that make it incredibly adaptive. The first is featured above. The motherboard inside of the weapon that controls the sequential activation of the coils is designed to be plug-and-play. The HAMR-7 can have additional coils, constructed in single and triple variants, plugged directly into it, even in-between shots. The motherboard queries how many coils are available every shot, and, when attached, the new coils are directly connected into the rest of the system. Generally, the more coils, the more accurate the weapon will be over greater distances. The standard HAMR-7 is built to be accurate at the same range as an M4, but, if longer ranges are necessary, extra coil attachments can be put to use and function immediately.

    Fig 3. Shows the external and internal cut-away of a non-lethal projectile.
    Just as range may change depending on the situation, so may the type of munitions fired from the weapon. Ordinarily, separate weapons would have to be brought for different tasks. However, since the HAMR-7's only necessity is a light magnetic round, the weapons magazine can be swapped at an instant to meet the scenario. Above is pictured a non-lethal alternative to live ammunition. It is built to the same size as the HAMR-7 standard round, and so Agents only need to bring different magazines to do different jobs instead of separate weapons. Some magazine types include;
    • Standard Magazine; standard, live rounds for lethal force.
    • Non-Lethal Magazine; rubber rounds for non-lethal takedowns.
    • Segmented Magazine; Rather than one long round, the segmented magazine puts four smaller rounds into the chamber at once. While this significantly reduces the rounds accuracy and distance, it creates a similar spread to that of a four-pellet shotgun and is ideal for clearing rooms.
    • The Door-Knocker Special; a live magazine where the first two rounds are replaced with shotgun buckshot-esque rounds. Designed for breaching door hinges and having live rounds ready afterwards immediately.

    DIV-66 "Negotiator" Direct Energy Weapon
    I always like to picture it in the old detective noir movies. The bad guy is in a room with all his bad guy buddies, drinking scotch, playing cards, armed to the teeth. The detectives and police crash in, there's a huge gunfight. You know how it goes. Now, I propose a counter idea. Imagine if one person could enter that room and non-lethally disable everybody at that table.

    Fig 1. The "Negotiator". At the bottom right is a drawing of the main battery.
    Introducing the "Negotiator" Non-Lethal, Direct Energy Weapon. The weapon uses a signal generator to create a wavelength similar microwave radiation; basically it's a wavegun. It only penetrates 0.4mm of skin (1/64"), exciting water molecules in fat molecules in the skin cells, and causes a sensation similar to being on fire. Just point and shoot, and targets within a 108 degree arc of the weapon will be disabled.

    Now for all the nerdy math behind it. The weapon fires a high-powered beam of 95 GHz (3.2mm wavelength). This instantly heats up skin to 44 degrees C (111 degrees F). This prevents first degree burns and other complications. There have been multiple studies on a similar system, which has proved that it doesn't cause cancer, cornea damage, birth defects, and things like that that our guys over at health and safety freak out about.

    The weapon utilizes a large circular lithium battery of custom design that allows the weapon to be fired for two continuous minutes before needing to be switched out. This is an exceptional amount of time, as 90% of human test subjects reached their pain threshold within three seconds of contact with the beam, and none could endure more than five seconds.

    I plan to try and update the armory at least once a week with a new design. If you have an idea for a design, please feel free to share, and, if you want a custom-variant made of an existing weapon, PM me and I'll add it to the post.
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    Yeah go ahead, sounds like a great idea
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    I think im in love, Beautifully done Agent Lexicon.
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    These would be awesome if I were allowed to have weapons. I don't think anyone trusts me after last time.
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    Just added the "Negotiator"; a non-lethal, direct energy wave-gun. Enjoy.

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