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    To help minimize confusion and contradiction in the RP channel, write up a "dossier," or a profile, that basically describes your position, history, qualifications, authorizations, etc. Can be edited as seen fit. Feel free to use this format

    Name: Wo1fsBan3 (Wolf)
    Age: 18
    Rank: Master Seargent
    Postition: Researcher in R&D Level 3 (experimental weapons and small technology)
    Authorizations: All levels of R&D, Nite Team 4 requests, access to level XX captives

    Appearance: Tall, fairly lanky, with medium-length brown hair and glasses. Typically wears jeans, a t-shirt, and a flannel when not on assignment. Has a wolf's head tattoo on his right shoulder
    Wolf does possess armor, that he describes as "A snoutless Wolf's head." When asked to elaborate, he just produced this image from a Video game for reference:
    Personality: Easy going, friendly, if a bit distant. Prone to talking to himself, even if someone else is in the room. Not easily angered, but if angered, a force to be reckoned with. Vague sociopathic tendencies, more pronounced if angry or threatened
    Note: does blame himself for the incident involving Rico-Alpha. May want to put him on temporary leave pending psych evaluation

    Qualifications: Scored 155 on the agency-wide IQ test, developed an experimental line of energized weapons, mastered the StingerOS in under 48 hours, assists regularly with the ongoing investigation into Night Vale, is decent in hand-to-hand and bladed combat, has a low presence and can 'blink' out of perception (has shown mastery of this and can use to his advantage)

    History: Wolf joined the Agency in December of 2015, quickly showing himself to be a creative and capable agent. After about 6 months with the agency, he was assigned to the R&D division thanks to his innovations with energy-based melee and projectile weapons. He took to the job quickly and readily, and, with a decent budget and readily available resources, started producing said weapons for operations that required more powerful gear than most typical ops.

    Interpersonal relationships: Generally good. Tends to try to be polite and courteous at all times, and due to this, tends to make friends easier with other agents. Will go to some extreme lengths to aid said friends (see also: Guard Log 210617)

    We have long harbored suspicions that MSG Wo1fsBan3 may be a human augmented by rift energy. These suspicions have since revealed themselves true- just not in the way we thought. While he is brilliant and clever as a designer, that is not the result of rift energy. Instead, it is his secret to being able to blink out of perception. He can 'see the future,' per se. Only a few seconds, just enough to predict incoming attacks and defenses, allowing him to circumvent them. This also allows him to move silently, decreasing an already low presence.
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    Updated 8/27/17
    Name: Agent codex

    Age: 22 (ish)

    Position: N/A

    Authorizations: Public zones on base with escort. Restricted areas only with permission & escort.

    Appearance: Average height, slim build, wears glasses. Shaved head, with sutures curving around one ear to the base of her skull, and another smaller set of sutures at the esophagus.

    Personality: Full of anxious energy but very friendly. Easily upset and tends to form strong emotional bonds. Has a tendency to shut down when faced with a stressor.

    Qualifications: Previously worked Archiving for Microbiology Lab C, prior to operation DARKAVALON. Following that incident, was moved from the offsite facility she had been housed in to the Agency HQ to do more general Archiving work (and to move her out of the potential line of fire).

    History: Initially recruited by Division 66 from a job fair in Bangor, ME. Her background in microbiology made her a good fit for the rapidly-expanding Microbiology Lab C on their main campus. An attempt at training her for laboratory work showed that, while competent, her true skills lay within the realm of the Archivists. So, she was moved to an offsite secure facility (at the behest of Micro C management) and worked remotely as an Archivist for that lab. In May of 2016, the head researcher of Microbiology Lab C was killed by enemy agents. Concerned that her separation from the rest of the Agency would put her at undue risk (and now no longer bound by the request of that head researcher to keep her offsite), she was moved to Agency HQ in June of that year. Once onsite, she trained and was placed within the Division 79 Samples & Specimens department. A brain injury in the line of duty resulted in her being relocated to a different base, and then returned to central HQ an altered person.

    Interpersonal Relationships: Was romantically involved with Head Archivist Tanton prior to being moved off base. Friendly with Agents Friday, Bruteforce, and Yugi.

    Name: Agent codex

    Age: 22 (ish)

    Position: Division 79 Archivist, Samples & Specimens department.

    Authorizations: Div79 Archives full clearance, partial clearance w/ permission for the Archives of other Divisions. Barred from non-Archives areas except in case of emergencies.

    Appearance: Average height, somewhat overweight, wears glasses but prefers contacts. Dark, wavy hair that just about reaches the bottom of her ears and is usually pulled back with a headband or hair clip. Tends to wear a short white lab coat while handling specimens.

    Personality: Full of anxious energy but very friendly. Usually unwilling to bend the rules. Has a knack for learning secrets.

    Qualifications: Previously worked Archiving for Microbiology Lab C, prior to operation DARKAVALON. Following that incident, was moved from the offsite facility she had been housed in to the Agency HQ to do more general Archiving work (and to move her out of the potential line of fire). Trained and conditioned to resist cognition hazards and other environmental memetics.

    History: Initially recruited by Division 66 from a job fair in Bangor, ME. Her background in microbiology made her a good fit for the rapidly-expanding Microbiology Lab C on their main campus. An attempt at training her for laboratory work showed that, while competent, her true skills lay within the realm of the Archivists. So, she was moved to an offsite secure facility (at the behest of Micro C management) and worked remotely as an Archivist for that lab. In May of 2016, the head researcher of Microbiology Lab C was killed by enemy agents. Concerned that her separation from the rest of the Agency would put her at undue risk (and now no longer bound by the request of that head researcher to keep her offsite), she was moved to Agency HQ in June of that year. Once onsite, she trained and was placed within the Division 79 Samples & Specimens department.

    Interpersonal Relationships: Minimal face-to-face relationships due to the segregation of the Archives from the remainder of the Agency. Keeps on friendly terms with most Agents she has digital communications with.
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    Name: TheNoNinja (Ninja)

    Age: 17

    Rank: Technician/computer specialist

    Position: Recently switched from R&D level 2 to NiteTeam 4 WATCHPOINT Agent.

    Appearance: Tall, with short-length blond hair and glasses. wears jeans and shorts, a t-shirt with a shirt over that. also 9/10 times you'll see me I have coffee.

    Personality: very active all the time. very curious, polite. And a bit introvert

    Qualifications: Scored 132 on the agency-wide IQ test, Knows a lot about computers and works with the StingerOS 24/7. learned the ways of the StingerOS in about a day.

    History: Ninja joined our organisation early 2016. He showed his competence and his interest in computers so we transferred him to NiteTeam 4 because we think he is more of use there.

    Interpersonal relationships: Very good, has a big network where he can work in and with.
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    Name: Arteris (Art)
    Age: Undetermined, but looks young.
    Rank: None
    Postition: None

    Appearance: Short, awkward, greasy hair.
    Personality: Not fond of outsiders, once set with a situation, tends to stick with it and doesn't like when something new is introduced to it. Also a furry.

    Qualifications: Has not yet taken qualifications test.

    History: Recommended to come by an archivist in mid 2017. Entered without ID, for easy capture. Currently in cell awaiting further action to be taken.

    Interpersonal relationships: Doesn't know many people, but is generally okay with them, except for a few people who shoot all around him to scare him.[/QUOTE]
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    Name: Junebug / Ryane Pell

    Age: Mid 30s

    Position: Supervising Archivist, Samples & Specimens dept.

    Authorizations: Div79 Archives full clearance, other Div Archives read-only clearance, full freedom of movement throughout the compound. Cleared to perform Archives-specific medical procedures.

    Appearance: Short, dark-haired, with a slight vaguely European accent.

    Personality: Short-tempered, low tolerance for fooling around.

    Qualifications: Senior agent within the Agency, past is mostly classified and/or irrelevant. Knows how things should run. Trained in pharmacology.

    History: Recruited into the Agency a long time ago, he's seemingly ever-present in the Archives division. Rumor has it that much of the Archivist psychological hardening program was devised by him and an unnamed researcher.

    Interpersonal Relationships: Limited. Tries to keep work and personal life separate.
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    Name: Steven Harvey (Steve)
    Age: 60
    Rank: Moral Barometer
    Postition: Statistical Analysis and Gameshow Host
    Authorizations: Access to archived files and statistical reports, as well as the fast money chamber

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Personality: Overbearing, loud, has a mustache.

    Qualifications: Host of Family Feud for who knows how long, cooperated with multiple agents for ~5 major operations, as well as OP Dawnbloom. Generally stays towards statistical analysis and archiving, although one time he helped find a cum graph.

    History: Steven Harvey joined in December 2015, and stuck around since. It took a few months for him to really start to hone his skills, but then his hardware died, and Div66 was broke at the time, so Steven went on a few months "vacation", missed a bunch of cool stuff, also Middipper dying, etc. etc. Recently Steven pitched in on Dawnbloom here and there, and now he devotes a lot of time to hosting the family feud, and being a part of the puzzling-team "Aviation Laws"

    the bottom line is, he's a good guy to be around, as long as you're not an atheist, because that means you're an idiot

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    Agent name: Sarin
    Age: 23
    Position: Field agent
    Authorizations: Level 1

    Appearance: Ragged, almost always hungover, always carries a dark leather satchel.
    Thin, shaky. Wears sweaters constantly. Eyes always seem hazy, agent is somewhat slow to take in knowledge.

    Sarin's satchel seems to be full of chalks, books, and economy bottles of Asprin.

    Personality: Cool, calm, yet prone to outbursts of emotion.

    Qualifications: Bachelor's degree in biochemistry, light experience in magic.

    History: Recruited into the agency recently, had family in the agency and picked up on certain things. Was recruited after they got their college degree in biochemistry. Incident involving family recorded.
    Insert password:
    An incident involving former archivist Hominidae caused Agent Sarin to delve deeper into arcane studies, he unearthed various books on the subject, and began practicing. After a failed attempt at making neurotoxins the agency recruited him.

    Interpersonal relationships: Unknown, so far they have kept mostly to themselves. Any time they've had to be with other people, they've kept it short in an attempt to move away from social interaction.

    Addendum: Agent Sarin has undergone transformation. You can find new information about entity 2345 at the proper location
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    Agent Name: Karat
    Age: 28
    Rank: Private
    Position: Archives/Artifact Recovery
    Authorizations: Archives in their entirety, field operations resources.

    Appearance: 6'2" and broad shouldered, slightly shaggy light brown hair and deeply tanned skin. Brown eyes. No obvious scars or markings.

    Personality: Friendly but professional. Deeply loyal.

    Qualifications: Former hostage negotiator for the US Navy. Was recruited by the Agency when he was up for re-enlistment.

    History: Raised by a Deaf woman and a hearing man for parents, he's been fluent in ASL as long as he's known English. Due to mostly using ASL at home, he was always a quiet person (a trait that hasn't changed). Assigned as an escort to Agent codex by Archivist Junebug.

    Interpersonal Relationships: Minimal. Seems to have fostered a friendship with codex, but they haven't known one another long.
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    Notice: Some edit's have happened to the record.

    Name: Ex-Archivist Hominidae
    Age: 24
    Rank: N/A
    Position: Head archivist in occult biology
    Authorizations: level 4, all of her section.

    Appearance: 5'5, brown hair, straight body shape, native american skin, brown eyes,

    Personality: Friendly, prone to outbursts, but their usually short.

    Qualifications: Did research on items found by a local church before the agency caught her, was recruited a short time afterwords.

    History: Did research on many items for her local church, creating her own mini archive of them in the church's basement. Was raised by the church from a young age. Was abducted by the agency during a raid on the church, was recruited shortly later.

    Interpersonal relationships: Good, she was very caring of the other agent's and archivist's, even when she left.
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    Welcome to the legacy thread, where all your dead or forever gone characters can be put. This is primarily to reduce clutter in the shared lore thread. So please don't put your live characters here.
  11. Operator

    Operator Senior Agent

    System Name: Operator
    Real Name: Tanton [Retired - Refer to OOC spoiler]
    Age: Undetermined
    Rank: Not assigned
    Position: Division 66 Curator
    Authorizations: Archives across all divisions, partial access to Div 66 levels except security and IT. [REDACTED] control systems

    Appearance: 6'2" or 189cm, Brown hair, chin strap style beard, Looks to be in early 30's, wears a plain light blue long sleeve shirt and durable grey jeans. Tends to also wear a lab coat "borrowed" from Micro-C when Middipper was in charge. Accessories include a slightly large watch that also acts as a portable computer as well as [REDACTED], glasses, and a "I <3 Books" coffee mug.
    Physical appearance put together over a month's worth of late night security footage due to lack of physical presence in day time circumstances.[​IMG]
    Personality: Relatively quiet in person but is always watching online communications in case he's needed. Enjoys seclusion from others whenever possible and the occasional cigarette.

    Qualifications: Eidetic memory of entire Div 66 archive and has read all non-occult related documents to date. Hacking skills currently untested. [REDACTED] method of immunity to mental influences and attacks. Can play guitar.

    History: Prior to working for TBW, he was simply a librarian at the Library of Congress. After a temporal anomaly, a seemingly similar copy appeared deep within Division 66's levels near the archives. After retrieval and questioning he was authorized as an agent and put to work as an archivist. Current status of this worlds Tanton is unknown.

    Interpersonal Relationship: Mostly professional, but he seems to get along relatively well with everyone. Has been noted to be spending time with Agent Codex in recent weeks.

    Eyes only information: All information below is on a need to know basis. Under no circumstance should this information be repeated outside this document.
    Authorizations: Division 66 Administration facility control systems.
    Appearance: Portable computer also acts as a mid-range quantum teleportation device.
    Qualifications: Foreign biological method of immunity to mental influences and attacks. Theorized to be tied to current research into natural methods of blocking occult and psychic attacks.
    System name: Operator
    Classification: A.I. Constructed from Agent Tanton's Psychological profile.
    Objectives: Priority 1; May not act against Agents, even by proxy, unless in-case of self-preservation. Priority 2; Tanton is classified as Controler. Priority 3; Self-Improvement Authorized.
    Tanton will still be available as well as operator and any others I control for RP. But for canon lore.
    Tanton is simply unreachable at this point in time in the archives.
    Operator is tied a bit too much tied to Tanton to make it as a separate post. It's still active, just all the ooc info is here.
    Subject identification number: M-0968
    Name: Abbey Shaughnessy Mercer
    Age: 25
    Threat level: Safe

    Appearance: About 63 inches (5'3" or about 1.6 meters). Otherwise un-notable features besides silver-ish gray hair with blonde tips, an eye color somewhere between red and brown, and of course her detachable head.
    [​IMG](Close enough)
    Personality: Seems rather docile and calm despite circumstances. The "flame" that forms from her neck when the head is removed seems to be a direct way of view her emotional state with a notable example being shrunken flames when afraid or embarrassed, slight color changes for other emotions is suspected. Also appears to be forgetful of how others will react to her unique feature.

    History: Nothing notable before acquisition, worked as a librarian/tutor.
    Agent Name: Overwatch (or Clare as she prefers to be called)
    Age: 30s
    Rank: None
    Position: Field agent/Maintenance
    Authorizations: Standard

    Appearance: About 5 feet and 4 inches (or 1.6 meters). Pale skin,dark brown hair with faded red throughout and red highlights. If she's not working, she's generally wearing jeans and a shoulder cami (look it up, I know I had to).

    Personality: She can be pleasant to interact with, and loves to talk about robotics. However she openly detests superiors, going so far as to disobey orders. (We are talking a 3-4 page long list of infractions on her record)

    Qualifications: Has a master's degree in robotics engineering and a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering and UAS along with a list of other skills related to performing maintenance tasks and training in rifles and recon tactics.

    History: Nothing of note. Simple civilian background prior to recruitment.

    Interpersonal Relationship: None at time of write up.
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    Birdseye New Agent

    Name: Birdseye (Birds) [DECEASED]
    Age: Unknown
    Rank: XX captive
    Position: Head of the IT department
    Authorizations: All digital files and camera usage

    Character became deceased, after an adventure in the afterlife, the RP was retconned.
    The character will not be coming back.
  13. Manakias

    Manakias Senior Agent

    Name: Kelvin Blackford
    Alias: Manakias
    Age: 20
    Rank: Major (O-4)
    Position: Soldier, focus in recon
    Authorizations: Full freedom of movement throughout the HQ (almost), partial upload rights to archive (given reconnaissance MOS).
    Characteristics: Intelligence and agility/reflexes are exceptional. Perceptive ability above average. Raw physical strength and social charisma, unremarkable.
    HT/WT - 186cm/65kg
    Appearance: Presents as a slim but slightly muscled young man, with large gray eyes and somewhat messy brown hair. Expression on his face is usually minuscule, but he is known to be rather emotional in private conversation.
    Personality: Generally friendly, if detached. He's got a bad habit of looking away from a person when he begins to address them on a longer scale (beyond a sentence or two), as if he's sharing a train of independent thought.
    History: Manakias started adult life as a student at Columbia University. He was performing admirably under the pressure, and everything seemed to just be going as normal for him. This was before he decided to visit a friend in Queens one fateful day. One minute, he was teaching this friend the art of properly cooking a steak. The next, he was strapped to a chair where a British man and an American woman were looking him over with a mix of interest and apprehension. The Agency seemed to have recruited Mana without his knowing. Without his direct knowing, at least. There were some signs that he was noticing in the weeks leading up to the kidnapping that seemed strange. He had soon figured that this was the Agency's way of communicating. After acclimating to the new environment and finding a place for himself as the eyes and ears of the Agency, he continued to grow and develop his camaraderie with his fellow Agents. When a job had to be done, he did it particularly well - he took this to be the reason they kept him around.
    However, his close professional and personal attachment with Agent MidDipper would end up being the reason for his sudden leave of absence. Along with other minor and reparable issues, the stress of the job began to get to him. It all came to a head at the end of Operation Darkavalon, where Mana was a part of the the strike team that recovered the deceased Agent's body from the Chinese consulate.

    "Soldiers aren't supposed to break, but here I am..."

    A week later, he submitted his papers, and by the end of the following week he was nowhere to be found. In the following months, he mentally recuperated before returning to Columbia to round out his studies and walk out with a degree in economics. Recently, however, he's been spotted around the HQ, seemingly reappearing since his LOA.

    "Heh, this place is like the mob. Blood in, blood out... I don't mind it too much. It's in the job description, after all."

    KIA 05:33 12/5/2017
    Found dead with 10+ shrapnel wounds, along with three .454 Casull rounds embedded in the legs and shoulder. Was found with an ACR and six magazines, and an FNP-45 + 3 magazines. Subject had gone AWOL along with Agent Eclipse. Subject was tracked by Agents Absolvus, Friday, and Bruteforce, and was soon killed after an intense firefight.
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  14. Operator

    Operator Senior Agent

    Agent Name: Liz. Real Name: Liz Augusta von GroƟ
    Age: Actual; 23, Physical; 13-14
    Rank: First Lieutenant
    Position: Field agent
    Authorizations: Standard authorization for agents recently admitted.

    Appearance: ((See picture below, physically inspired by Tanya von Degurechaff)) Tends to wear civilian style clothing on base and standard combat gear for field work.
    Personality: Considered to act very much like a child despite their true age. Energetic at times, friendly, and sometimes clingy.
    Despite her benefits as a agent, I am strongly against her admittance. She has a hidden sadistic streak and practically seems insane when discussing battle unrestrained. I'm still having nightmares of her despite my training and having weeks without contact.

    Qualifications: Highly skilled in CQC, proficient in small firearms and certain rifles. Has an odd trait causing magical energy to be quickly drained from anything she touches (Note: Please keep her out of archives whenever possible, and do NOT let her past main floor.) However this seems to have no effect directly on people except herself, leaving her unable to have or use magic. Appears to have unnatural strength given her size, more similar to that of a above average full grown male. Speed and reflexes considered un-human. Further testing required.
    ((OOC: Oi, fair warning to ya, true spoilers be here))
    Liz is the result of Project Lictor, a offshoot program of Project Praetor. The goal of Lictor was to create Soldiers (Agents) with boosted abilities that would always be active. However due to strict conditions for subject survival, only a few living results exist. Furthermore, all subjects have been mixed results, Liz being a more successful one with only a few problems compared to some that were only useful in lab settings.
    Liz hides a palpable bloodlust at almost all times as it is very offsetting to most agents. However this has led to her being able to more easily avoid notice as to hide the bloodlust, she must hide most of her normal presence. As the word "palpable" implies, her bloodlust is strong enough to, basically, be felt in the very air around her from quite a distance away. This is the result of all her more intense training occurring at a young age of 16. Primarily involving live combat in intense situations, she developed a taste for battle, for seeing the enemies blood drain from their body. This may however be the leading cause to her mental instability/potential insanity. Luckily her training prevents her from misidentifying friends in the heat of battle, and her consideration towards others unlike herself has lead to the adoption of a childlike behavior when not fighting.
    Her speed and reflexes are no joking matter, able to keep pace or out do enhanced agents (including some who may use magic). This tends to make her appear like a blur on the battlefield (Note: Based on reports, I have reason to believe agents such as Cross, YugiDMega, Bruteforce, and even SilverSword may be able to counter her if she was to be perceived as a threat.) And on many occasions will use her speed to annoy, tease, or help others she has accepted as friends. Tests show that given a proper distance of about 15 meters, she can even dodge small arms fire. Though this, at best, seems to only be slightly better than a coin toss.
    [Data Block Encrypted]

    History: [Pending further investigation]

    Interpersonal Relationship: Only recently approved as an agent, so nothing to report to date.

    Cause of death: Suicide.
    Analysis indicates the subject ingested a strong yet painful poison to kill themselves. Further investigation required into how the subject acquired said poison.
    A note found at the scene indicates the subject had been suffering from increasing mental destabilization that was thought under control and had removed themselves to prevent bringing harm to both the agency and agents. A truly devoted agent to the end.
    With the death of subject 6, Project Lictor is now deemed a failure and will be removed from agency records.
    Addendum 12/10/2017: Poison identified, concentrated form of Strychnine.
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  15. SilverSword

    SilverSword Active Agent

    Name: Innocentius Jaeger
    Agent Name: Absolvus
    Age: Same as SilverSword
    Birthday: 15th of February
    Rank: Lieutenant
    Position: Security Team Second-in-Command, Nite Team 4 member
    Authorizations: All levels except archives.

    Appearance: Shaved head, shaved face. Wears camo pants and black t-shirts with various heavy metal band logos and tour dates.

    Personality: Not angered easily. Calm demeanor. Enjoys the company of other Agents.

    Qualifications: Proficient in CQC. Knowledgeable with various weapons. Tank/APC gunner. Has studied Robotics and IT engineering.

    History: Absolvus was a officer for the Army, along with Agent SilverSword. Unsatisfied, they both quit and became mercenaries, taking contract jobs in battlefields all around the globe. One day, while on a mission they came in contact with an occult artifact which made them appear on the Agencys radar leading to their recruitment. In the beginning he was assigned as a field agent of Div-79, but with the formal creation of NT4 he was re-assigned to there. A bit more on the techy side of things, he finds joy in making experimental devices (which SilverSword is always happy to test and break).

    Interpersonal Relationships: Friendly. Easy to make friends with, if you can get past his dark sense of humor.

    -- UPDATE -- 12/12/2017
    Status : Alive
    Character has been transfered to another facility as per instructions from HQ. He might make brief cameos, both physical and in messages, as he is not written off completely as a character.
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  16. SilverSword

    SilverSword Active Agent

    Name: Interrogator Amatheon
    Age: 52
    Rank: Colonel
    Previous position: Instructor
    Current position: Interrogator
    Authorizations: Everything.

    Appearance: Tall, appears skinny, has a short-cropped beard. Numerous facial scars that include 3 large gashes that are unable to fully heal and are held together by steel stitches. Also has a mechanical eye and ear. Clothing consists only of formal dress uniform with a long black trench-coat.

    Personality: Hard on the agents, harder on the recruits. Does not tolerate anyone talking back to him, his orders not getting followed to the letter or insubordination. Merciless and unflinching, not a person anyone would want to go up against or piss off. Zero tolerance. Does not care if he makes any enemies with his way of acting/speaking.

    Qualifications: [REDACTED]

    History: [REDACTED]

    Interpersonal relationships: Minimal personal relations with anyone. Professional at all times. No humor. No patience.

    Yeah, I know him. I am one of the people he has trained.
    While merciless and cold, his actions were just what was needed to weed out the weak among us, or so he said. Being in the Agency for as long as he, I'm sure he has become proficient in hiding his true feelings and motivations. Those that made the mark remained, the rest were sent off to others so they could find their calling within the Agency. He was the one that made us into what we are now. He shaped us. He forged us into people that would help the Agency prosper.

    But that was not all. I'm sure that deep behind the lies, the misdirections, the rough exterior, he cares. Because otherwise he would not have been this strict with us. He might have regarded us as just numbers, tools to be sharpened and used by the Agency, but I am sure he cared. I was one of the last he took under his wing.

    His age? Heh, that old relic is 52 years old. He has gone beyond what was expected of him by his superiors, given what they have put him through. Given his age, he's probably one of the last members of the old guard. A true relic from a time gone by.

    Recently I heard whispers. There's walk in the wind that he has taken a new apprentice under his wing. The reason behind this? I dont think anyone knows, to be honest. HQ thought that we would be his last. Perhaps, if that rumor holds true, he saw something in the individual? Some potential? Perhaps it was pity? A lost sheep that would be lost and without a purpose otherwise. Or maybe it was one of his whims... In his age and given his life, one cannot remain fully sane, and various quirks begin to show in their character.

    -- UPDATE -- 08/July/2018
    Status : Alive
    Character has been shelved to make way for a new one. Still alive and "active" within the facility. Will be designated as a minor character used as a plot element/tool.

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