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Discussion in 'General' started by Santiak, Sep 12, 2014.

  1. Santiak

    Santiak MIA

    Heyho folks,

    So, what is everyones reaction to the interview with Joel Bylos?
    Did you like what you heard?
    Did it raise any new concerns?

    Let's get some feedback going in either (or related) cases - no better way to help keep things going in the 'right' direction. ;)

    ***Slightly paraphrased transcript of the interview:***
    Anashel: So hi everyone, it's Andrea from TBW HQ.

    Today we have a great video chat with Joel Bylos who's on the line with us right now.

    Hi Joel!

    Joel: Hi everybody, how's it going?

    Anashel: So we have a list of questions from the community. One thing I want to say before we start; We have our first corporate sponsorship! Num √ąditeur both backed and will also be translating the comic book into french. The game itself is still not being localised, but we're working on finding someone to do so for us - we can tackle that in a later AMA.
    So let's start the interview!

    "Joel, In light of the upcoming release of Dreamfall: Chapters, I think many people are wondering... Did the time spent in your bunker at the end of days harm your relationship with Zoe?"
    Joel: Oh well.. No.. I think it strengthend our relationship. We talked through it, there was some drinking, tears and laughter, and in the end we came out stronger. It may have ruined my relationship with several other people at FunCom.

    "How would you want to see the relation between TSW and TBW develop, if at all?
    If so, what do you see as the primary challenge of creating such a bridge between TBW and TSW?"

    Joel: So this is actually two questions in one, so let's start with the first one.
    The TSW universe was developed to include many different ideas, and give us a lot of scope to work creatively, and I think TBW fits in with that perfectly. We've had a lot of back-and-forth about this, different ways to fit the two mythologies together cohesively, and I think that as both games continue, and us discussing things, I think we'll find ways to tie the two together.

    Anashel: One of the theory we're currently talking about, is where we (TBW) live in a world where the Filth and these things didn't happen, so at some point those timelines changed.
    Joel: Yeah, I think that's going to be one of the interesting things for players to explore in TBW; finding out why those things didn't seem to happen in your world. Conversely, TSW players will find out many reasons why, which will tie together legitimately in the future.

    Anashel: So it was actually a triple-question:

    "Would you rather see the factions of TSW put into TBW as-is, or as a "shadow" of their TSW counterparts?"
    Joel: I can't see a reason why they can't be in "as-is". I want to give you guys the creative freedom and be unbound by what we've done with our factions. There's a place for them both in your world and in our world, but I don't mind if they are added "as-in" or if you take them in a slightly different direction. Let's just say that there's plenty of scope for that in the way the games are tied together.

    Anashel: Another question; Do you think an ARG could be considered - or become - an MMO?
    Joel: Yeah, I think that in any case, the definitions of the genre are very loose. The borders of things change all the time. Take for example "Destiny".
    For ARGs in particular, the community aspect of MMO is very much there, and lend themselves incredibly well to what people do in MMOs more than any other genre.
    So i definately think ARGs can be MMOs, and I think TSW started pushing ARGs in that direction when we worked together on the TSW ARGs.
    Anashel: I think TSW has the most aware community in relation to ARGs and how they can co-exist with MMOs. But the game cannot be played offline, that's for sure.
    Joel: Yeah, that's one of the great things about the internet. It not only brings people together, but also information. You can't do these kind of puzzles without having access to the internet.

    "What excites you, personally, the most about TBW?"
    Joel: I'm a huge fan of the Investigation Missions we did for TSW, and TBW is an extension of that. It really excites me that this aspect of our (TSW) world can expand and grow in the hands of someone capable and willing to give it the attention it deserves, where we (FunCom) have to focus on every aspect of TSW; sabotage missions, dungeons, etc.
    So for me, that's the most exciting thing. That people who like Investigation Missions can find more of it in TBW.

    "In TSW was talk of puzzle quests that require the cooperation of many players some time ago. Would not this be an ideal starting point for The Black Watchmen?"
    Joel: I have plans for the "Puzzle Raids" for the Secret World. But they're more about solving puzzles together in the game-world space. Imagine in the London hub-world that all the telephones start to ring at once, so 20 people would have to answer them all at once, and each one would get one word that together forms the hints for the next step in the puzzle.
    That doesn't mean they can't reference themes and things done in TBW, it will certainly have crossovers, but they're fundamentally different types of gameplay. ARGs are outside the game-space, whereas this (TSW) is inside the game-space.

    Anashel: Yeah, I agree. I think one thing worth highlighting is that we're not taxing TSW to work on the TBW; it's a real spin-off, the development of TBW will not cost TSW a thing. To my knowledge, it's the first time we've had a marketing component that was so succesful that both players and us want to see it grow, spin it off and let it become its own entity.
    Joel: Yeah, I can't think of any off the top of my head at all.

    Anashel: We actually have a question that we have an answer for:

    "Can we (The Black Watchmen) please get a secret headquarters in Tokyo or in one of the other main cities (within TSW)? PLEEAAASSE! That would be amazing!!"
    Anashel: I think this is a good example of something that would take too many resources, and it would be too taxing on FunCom and TSW. But one thing we can reveal, are the new TSW in-game item, the "TBW Long Coat" - a Black Watchmen Unisex Long Coat.
    The good news is, that this will be given to anyone who've pledged 25$ or more on the TBW Kickstarter; no increase required if you've pledged above that already.

    The last question we have is:

    "What do you think of TBW comic book, featuring the community and players actions in it?"
    Joel: Yeah, I had a read through it the other day. It's really impressive. I like the inking style. As we talked about it's reminiscient of Frank Miller. I recognized a few of those players.
    I think that its a really cool initiative, I wish we had the time to get our Art-guy to make a full Comic Book for TSW on our side.
    But yeah, really cool initiative, and really fun to see names I recognize.

    Anashel: So maybe we'll see a Joel version in the Comic Book?
    Joel: Hah, "Fat Ninja!"
    Anashel: Hehe, that could be awesome.

    So that was all of the questions, didn't take that long. Thank you very much for you time, Joel. If we have the change to have you on again, we'll invite you - but we don't want to take too much of your time, of course.

    The thing I want to highlight is that, eventhough we don't have a direct link right now, the notion is we're working closely with the creative team at TSW, so when people will reveal the link between the two worlds, it will make sense, and people will be able to investigate that link.
    TBW Community right now, is trying to do their mission, but they have a collective memory of Gate 33. They see and they know that the world they're living in seems to be off from the world they remember, and that's such a great starting point for being able to link the two world (TSW and TBW).
    Joel: Yeah, exactly. It doesn't limit us in any way. It allows us to have freedom to explore a lot of different themes and storylines in both directions, and still have a central core in each game.

    Anashel: So maybe we're going to have "Joel" in the TBW player list as well?
    Joel: Yeah, for sure. I have to confess I'm a lot better at writing puzzles than I am at solving them.
    Anashel: Yeah, I was telling that to someone as well. It's like you can be a real good writer, but be a poor actor. It's the same thing here. I think most of the Community Players are better than me.
    Joel: The community is amazing at solving things, it's amazing how fast they solve things.
    Anashel: Actually, it's more frightening for me. I lose a lot of sleep thinking about how to do the puzzles correctly, not missing a thing, not dissapointing them.
    Joel: Hehe, I do a bad mission every now and again. Keeps the bar lower - then when you release a good mission, they'll be real happy.
    Anashel: Hah, thanks for the tip!

    Alright, I know it's late on your side, so thank you very much for giving us your time, and looking forward to talking to you again when the kickstarter's succesful!

    Joel: No worries, talk to you again mate! Bye!
    Anashel: Bye!

    Alright, that was Joel Bylos, and I hope you enjoyed the short interview, but most importantly, I hope you enjoyed the reveal of the in-game reward. It's looking really awesome!

    So, that's it for this time. Thank you very much for you time, folks! Have a great weekend!
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  2. Khalm

    Khalm Gold Member

    On first watch, it seems very positive. Joel appears comfortable with the concept and does not appear to have written off the idea of the games remaining interlinked in some way. I will be watching it again later with a little more care but hopefully that will not change my first impressions too much, it's far more likely to be the alcohol I intend to consume this evening that does that!!
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  3. Anashel

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    Good call Santiak, but let's not forget: long coat, good or bad? Free to all of you who already selected a tiers rewards.
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  4. Catalyst

    Catalyst Gold Member

    I haven't played a lot of TSW, I bought it but haven't had the time to dive into it. Though I do like the idea of getting a long coat. Especially if there wasn't a longcoat for men.
  5. Sonne

    Sonne Division-79

    I like the long coat, looks nice. I like my TBW hoodie but the logo on the back is obscured when I equip my weapons. It looks like the Long Coat logo is positioned better. I may be a Templar but the coat will make it easier to show who's side I'm really on.
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  6. Bats

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    Long coat good. Can I have mine now? :p

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  7. Vismal

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    I really like the long coat idea. Feels matrixy, which feels cybertechy, which helps feel conspiracy...y.
    As far as giving the Longcoat to any pledging members; good idea. Better than add-on, as you want people getting access to TBW for long-term steam. I like it.
    I really liked hearing Joel talk about the relation between the 2 IPs. I'm pretty interested in seeing the TSW community pick up some steam again in participating within TBW.
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  8. Anashel

    Anashel Puppet Master Staff Member

    I think we all do!
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  9. Sonne

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    Yes. It isn't Neo's full length but nice none-the-less.
  10. thatangryviking

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    This is looking good, and might bring in a few new on the fence backers as well.
  11. TheChosenOne

    TheChosenOne Active Agent

    Love the talk about connecting the two. Even if only a little bit. Also the long coat looks amazeballs!
  12. Zerosh

    Zerosh Sleeper Agent

    Loving Joel Bylos support and TBW Long Coat :D
    If the TSW community showed the same support as Joel I'd shed manly tears :')
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  13. Santiak

    Santiak MIA

    Really loving Joels support for TBW!

    Also put a lot of my concerns to rest, regarding cross-overs possibly having a negative impact on one game or the other. Seems like he is exceedingly keen on keeping both games intact, while very open - if not down-right enthusiastic - about doing cross-overs, and sees the potential for mutual benefit of doing so.

    The TBW Long Coat is, of course, amazing looking. And I must admit, I'm looking forward to prancing around in mine once that time comes.

    (I wonder how much an actual TBW Long Coat just like that would cost?)
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  14. Rowyne

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    Just got back and had the opportunity to see the interview. Love the long coat, a very nice little perk in TSW. More so am really happy at his enthusiasm for TBW and the potential for cross over both now and in the future. Really really would like to see Agent Joel, but I'd happily settle for more of TSW community giving us a hand realizing this amazing project.
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  15. Conartist

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    It was nice to see Joel being positive about TBW and interested in keeping the ties between the two games intact.

    I also love the coat. As mentioned it is kinda matrixy and to me it looked almost like my own one at home (except I now need to sew a TBW logo onto it). I always think of the TV series The Pretender when I see a long leather coat though. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0115320/ . Still love that show. Wish there had been more episodes.
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  16. Sonne

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    Joel didn't seem very interested in establishing a BW base in Tokyo. Maybe a shipping container on the waterfront in New York would be more doable. At least everybody could get to it.
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  17. nikel

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    Hey, they don't even need a full operable base in Tokyo. Just put the division 66 logo on a door in some hidden alleyway for me to pose next to.
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