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Discussion in 'Alpha 1.3' started by Anashel, Jan 15, 2017.

  1. Anashel

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    Planned update for 1.4:

    • Wild Card: When found, you can choose to loot or not. 60% Dark Sword (LVL 60) or 40% Frost Trap (Lose 2 turns)

    • Golden Shield - Rare chance to loot in the first three turns only. When looted, trigger the Golden Drake game mode.

    • When two enemies are poisoned at the same time: Summon the Viper King!

    • Silver Shield: One more turn bonus. Triggers when you loot an artifact on the first turn.

    • Holy Nova: Triggers when the Holy Sword is looted on the first turn. A holy disc sweeps the board and displays the location of all special cards, including venom.

    • Fire Shield: Unlocked @ Lvl 4. Triggered when a computer takes the lead in the first 5 turns. Enable you to double tap.

    • Fire Bolt: Unlocked @ Lvl 8. Triggers when a computer does a double or triple kill. Enables you to destroy an enemy weapon.

    • Fire Set: Triggers when you have 3x fire items. Cast an enchanting spell on a card and triple its value.

    • Cursed: Triggers when you have 3x Lvl 1 items. Black curse engulfs you, and you lose two turns.
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    Really cool and interesting procs.
  3. cronkllr

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    How about level expansions. What I mean is letting the character go past level 10.

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