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Discussion in 'General' started by Datagram, Apr 17, 2016.

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    I personally think dev/writer/whatever resources would be much better spent on client missions vs. the live missions. It's been what seems like an eternity since new client missions have been introduced, namely due to delays involving the "Green Agent" mission.

    I've been in the IRC for a couple of these Live Missions and have noticed a few things:
    • There's usually one or two people that seem way ahead of everyone else in ability and wind up advancing the mission on behalf of everyone else.
    • There's a definite "in crowd" that seems to take ownership of the mission, making it very much a spectator experience for everyone else.
    • Much of the content developed is a harder version of the Client missions i.e. that work translates well into Client mission development. So most likely the same people developing client missions are splitting time between live/client.
    I've noticed that the devs are standing up new websites/entire flash/java/html5 or similar applications dedicated to these one time missions, where the content often remains relevant for about an hour for about 3-10 users. Those resources could have been spent developing several puzzles that could keep hundreds of people entertained for the same time period. There's probably also significant cost/planning associated with these missions that would be better utilized developing content for all paying customers.

    There's no chance that I won't buy season 3, so this isn't a threat, but please consider catering to the majority of the playerbase instead of a small elite minority. I want this game to be a commercial success and I worry that the game may corner itself into a tiny, rare niche that can't financially sustain costs.
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    This particular live mission is sorta a weird one-- because it's definitely aimed at a particular group of players. Larger scale live missions wind up taking a lot more effort and involving a larger portion of the community. My interpretation of this particular mission is that it's meant to somewhat tide us over in the midst of a pretty long hiatus. You're right that there hasn't been a lot of client updates, mainly due to delays with the green mission. I definitely wish that there was a mass mailer sent out for this live mission as I feel like there aren't many people really working on it either, simply due to lack of awareness.

    That being said I'm sorry you feel like some players (probably including me because I'm kinda obnoxious) are 'taking ownership' of the live mission. If you want to participate all you have to do is jump in-- we had a pretty long stretch of time yesterday where we were stumped on the Vietnam message, and it took us a decent amount of time to figure out the cipher on the flyer. Don't feel like you can't participate. If you want to be caught up on where we are in the mission feel free to ask myself, or Dylan, or Zaelong, or anyone else who spends an inordinate amount of time in the IRC. I don't want anyone to feel left out!
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    Hi Datagram!

    First let me thank you, your post was really constructive and we appreciate that! It is helpful for us to improve the game experience.

    To give you some context, in season 2 about 10% of the budget of the game went towards live events, the rest was invested for in-client missions, video footage, voice over, puzzle creation, fake documents, mini-games, etc...

    The live events give us the chance to interact with players in a unique and different way. These sessions are inspiring for the Dev team and help us a lot in the creative process of the game. The way players interact, brainstorm and talk about the event really impacts how we create/edit the next set of missions.

    That said, we need to work so these live event involve more agents. We are constantly looking for ways to widen the appeal of live events and encourage the entire community to take part without, as you pointed out, removing budget from the in-game mission.

    We also have custom event that are not counted as official live events, like the last one and the black level mission. They are part of the Black Watchmen universe since it's an ARG, but are targeted towards specific agents who won or bought custom content during the Kickstarter, pre-launch, Pax expo or other promotional activities. This is why some events do not come with a global notification.

    Thanks again for your input!
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    This is because of posts like this, that i'm excited about the almanach, the entire though process behind seasons, events and missions set is very interesting.
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