December Open Mission, Part 1

Discussion in 'Missions Center' started by Enoch52, Dec 27, 2018.

  1. Enoch52

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    I'm not clear on what those numbers mean in the note (I assume that's the most relevant part for identifying the camp). There are too many to be an IP address, and they don't mean anything if they're translated as ASCII codes.

    I can brute-force it and search each camp for towers, but I'd rather figure out the puzzle.
  2. Killkeny

    Killkeny Active Agent

  3. Enoch52

    Enoch52 Active Agent

    I could slap myself, as I found that result right away but discarded it as nonsensical rather than checking. Not sure what to do with it, but it's a start! Thanks.
  4. Killkeny

    Killkeny Active Agent

    Can someone give me a nudge with this mission please? I think that i have all the information, but i can´t solve it:
    I have solve the meaning of the crab and harmonize... river crab. I have solve the numbers and found the "dabancheng girl" video. I know that in dabancheng is located one of the biggest re-education camps... but i can´t figure out how to solve the mission...
  5. Moagim

    Moagim Active Agent

    You basically got it - now all you need to do in order to progress is to

    get the GPS coordinates of the facility, put them into satelite module and rest should be easy enough
  6. Gilgamesh0306

    Gilgamesh0306 Active Agent

    Hi Kilkenny, one question:
    I also found the URL and the Youku-Video, but where do you get the "dabancheng girl" from? For me it's just chinese symbols and even google translate seems to cannot translate these...? So just wondering...
  7. Clydopathe

    Clydopathe New Agent


    I'm completely stuck on the begining of the first part. I have uderstood that harmonious
    is a way to speak about censorship in China.

    The numerous code give me
    a website :

    I try some urls whith it, and i found nothing (i try Bozan (give a pron site), rivercrab, harmonious).

    Can you give me a hint please? Did i miss something?

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