Day #2

Discussion in 'Early Access' started by Anashel, May 30, 2015.

  1. Anashel

    Anashel Puppet Master Staff Member

    Hi everyone!

    Password: tbw-10
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  2. Kle

    Kle Senior Agent

    Not sure if relevant but the site in the first attachment.
    Basic Overview of Code Breaking - Archive Call Number BTM4A17

    Just leads to the A&S homepage. Unless I'm missing something. Not had chance to properly look into the numbers yet as I have to record a Secret World Podcast but it seems like an odd page to reference.

    Edit: Scratch that. When copying to clipboard and entering into the address bar it seems to have gotten confused. Will look into it a bit more shortly.
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  3. Zargh

    Zargh Moderator

    Hi all.

    Did the second mission.
    All went smooth, nothing unusual was reported.
    Liked the way ascii tables and cipher techniques are explained, also the links outside of the game.

    Good work, more of this :)
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  4. Rohva

    Rohva Gold Member

    I like that you asked for the location rather than a mere decoding of the message in the second objective. It requires an agent to actually read the instructions and understand them and then read and understand the deciphered message. I was about to just blindly enter the full decrypted text when I noticed the number of x’s, knew something was up and reread the instructions. My accuracy score was thus saved!

    I don’t know what your rules are for when to use “x’s” and when to use “enter the code”, but I think this would be a good case in which to use “enter the code.” It wouldn’t actually add to the difficulty of the assigned task, but it would induce a minor penalty (a hit to the accuracy score) for not paying attention the first time through. I think this would also facilitate a better sense that the agent is not just expected to become good at processing random puzzles but is also expected to understand what he or she is actually doing in the context of some mission narrative.
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  5. Sonne

    Sonne Division-79

    Maybe it's the cute babies in their ads, I'm getting to like Morpho Medical. :p
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  6. Maurna

    Maurna Gold Member

    Mission 2. Went well and quickly, less than 5 minutes. It makes a nice introduction into ciphers and paying attention to instructions. Length of time for the true new person is going to partially depend on how well they skim/read the pdf page.

    When I went to and put in my code, it shows a box, and you can click view pdf, which then opens a box so I can download the pdf. Are there plans to allow viewing without downloading? If not, I would just change it to a direct download.

    The pdf is awesome. Nice summary of the basic skills and types. I'd be interested in more div 79 manual pages!

    After reading through day one comments I went to poke around the clearance options. I submitted the info but didn't realize I need to select what level I wanted. Went back in after a few hours and randomly clicked around, selected up to yellow. But all the information I submitted is blank - on the other hand the submission box says that it is done. I don't know if you're planning UI tutorials as it could definitely pull you out of any immersion so maybe setting the clearance level needs to be training mission number 4? You literally can't change your levels from red until you've been instructed to by your contact?

    No problems with video stuttering today but our overall house connection appears to be healthier. I would stick with the 50% buffering but I have only ever been forced to do one reload to clear up issues.

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  7. Konmael

    Konmael Senior Agent

    Stupid question ...
    Is it possible to pause a video or audio file ?
    Players whose English is not the mother tongue may have difficulty translating some information , especially when the words flow is rapid.
    This is not really a problem , since you can replay the file several times to be sure not to make a mistake.
    But in the case of very long or corrupt files, it can become very difficult for those who have not mastered English perfectly.

    This is a great mission! The difficulty is somewhat increased but remains accessible for beginners.
    The introduction to the use of encryption tools is very good ! And links outside of the game is a good thing.


    To perform a valid test, I asked my wife to test the mission. (I do not have much choice, she was in my back and
    insistently asked me what I was doing ...)
    She hardly speaks English, and is not at all accustomed to using encryption tools, or to decipher hidden messages. (short, she is not a potential Black Watchmen)

    I presented the parameters of the mission, explaining the objectives and showing him the attachments . (She did not understand , or so)
    Yet she understood how to use conversion tools , and with a little translation help she finally found the solutions of the two stages of the mission 2.

    This confirms that the mission 2 is a good introduction to the use of coding tools.

    Obviously , she is bound by the same confidentiality rules as me.


    This time, no problem to load the intro video with Morpho Medical. All went smooth, nothing unusual was reported !
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  8. Maurna

    Maurna Gold Member

    I did wonder about pausing during the (non-play test) missions that are currently available to play when I did them ori Someone mentioned yesterday, Kelbris?, that there are subtitles which will help with the corrupted sound aspect.
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  9. Eternimus

    Eternimus Gold Member

    I have to agree with everything Rohva said. I feel if you are saying "Where do we need to go" and your information says "The target is dancing around with a monkey in London" then you should, obviously, only write London. But writing "xxxxxx" in the box makes it feel too simplistic. If you do nothing but hold everyone's hand that diminishes the game a bit. I understand these are training missions, however "Enter the code" seems more appropriate, as I would think the missions should gradually ramp up in difficulty. And you want people to read the mission and what you want rather than them solving the puzzle and assuming they know what you want.

    Opinions aside, I encountered no technical issues. The puzzles were easy and straight forward. A good intro to deciphering. A's all around so far.
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  10. Tyryt

    Tyryt Senior Agent

    Wasn't able to get to the mission until just now due to thing IRL, but, it was a good training mission without holding someone's hand too much. The PDF does a good job giving the basics, but some of the doubled letters in there... killing my inner editor, but I realize it was intentional.
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  11. Sonne

    Sonne Division-79

    An error in the instructions for part 1: "Received via from agent via shortwave radio. Decode meaning." should probably read "Received message from ..."

    For me with my low bandwidth, the first video run with stuttering took 1:50 to play a 45 second video.

    Regarding Answer format: I've always had a philosophical problem with it but I understand that for practical reasons we can't always program for all the permutations of freeform answers. For that reason, I try my best to ignore the format while working the mission, then use it if necessary. I note in my missions diary how much I had to rely on that clue.

    Lastly, I thought it odd that while I was working the mission I went to the agent map to see if anybody wanted help. When I returned it began to load mission 1, that may be because my group leader's mission is mission 1.
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  12. nikel

    nikel Lab 1852 - Neurals

    I don't really have any notes on this one, since the buglist is the same. I liked reading the pdf and I think it will work to help new people, but I can't really tell since I never found these codes (decimal, ROT13, etc) particularly difficult in the first place? Some seem to just shut down when a code appears and I guess you have to wait and see on that front.
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  13. kelbris

    kelbris Senior Agent

    Nothing much to report with this mission, did not get to test the video as I was having issues with my speakers and no headset. However the mission was easy enough to complete and a nice intro to the encryption techniques that could be used in future operations.
  14. Tyryt

    Tyryt Senior Agent

    I do have to comment that I did appreciate the two separate ciphers to get the address for the pastebin link.
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  15. Rohva

    Rohva Gold Member

    The new buffering settings do not seem to affect video in the clues. In my VM I have buffering set to 100%, but the number sequence in part 1, clue 3 plays immediately after I click it and stutters quite badly. I played it again to see if it would use an already downloaded copy, but that was not the case. It still stuttered. The briefing video itself has no problem. It does not begin playing until fully buffered and plays quite well.
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  16. Sonne

    Sonne Division-79

    I am unable to replicate Rohva's experience. On my system, client 5.0.7 at 75% buffering works fine in both briefing and Step 1 Item 3 at normal (for me) speeds. At 25% the stuttering begins very early in the briefing but Step 1 Item 3 is still without a problem, this while the wife's Kindle is sucking up bandwidth.
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  17. Rohva

    Rohva Gold Member

    Ok false alarm.

    I was able to contrive a way to retest this on my local computer. I saturated my network by starting multiple downloads of large data sets from This brought my speedtest download speed below 1 Mbps. Performance Monitor also showed my network performance as a flat line. Under these conditions the briefing video took almost 5 minutes to buffer, but then played normally. The clue 3 video took about 30 seconds to buffer (so it is obviously doing so) but then played normally. The in-game music played fine the entire time. In fact everything else also seemed to work just fine even under these atrocious network conditions.

    Repeated retesting on my VM still produces the same issues with the clue 3 video. I don’t know why this is the case, but it doesn’t seem to be due to any bug in the client that needs to be addressed. I assume it is VM or RDP related.
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