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Discussion in 'General' started by Anashel, Jun 20, 2014.

  1. Anashel

    Anashel Puppet Master Staff Member


    Our forums board let us play a little with different variable to create some sort of rewards for engagement or other type of recognition.

    1- Custom User Fields
    First features is the ability to populate your profile with custom fields. They can be hidden (automatically set by us or the forums) or they can be visible (like your Agent Level, etc) and they can be read-only or editable.

    2- Trophies
    Based on various rules, we can award trophies. Your first post, how you found the site, date of registration, etc... Rules can include customs post values. (X post for Agent Red = trophy X)

    3- Title
    Finally, based on all that rewards system and profile customization, you can gain title. Title can be use to customized your avatar frame or even you post style.

    I would like to know what Custom Fields, Trophies or Titles you would find interesting to create?
  2. Vismal

    Vismal Gold Member

    Agent Level is kind of important. Title would also be a good asset to add; either reflecting class advancement or trophies accumulated (more on that following). Avatar Frame, could be nice but some may opt out of it as it wouldn't match their avatar well enough? *shrug*
    Basic Trophies are alright, but an advanced set of trophies would be super hype, especially reflecting your in-game specific accomplishments. Hype. Yeah.
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  3. bljkr

    bljkr Gold Member

    Custom User Fields:
    • Code Names: Pluses and minuses with these depending on how they were used, assigned, and revealed.
    • Nick Names: just variation on the user names if they are strange i.e. my nick name might be blu which looks and reads nicer then bljkr.
    • Team/Cell Names: Falls under similar guidelines as Code Names, but possibly more geared towards the RP elements.
    • Office Hours: The optimum time when one can drop everything and be productive in a mission.
    • Agent Status: Just a general bellwether for how active a person might be.
    Trophies: Depends on how flexible it lets you be, but perhaps different trophies fro the number of liked messages one has in particular sections, like help or the RP sections.

    Titles/Borders/Post Styles: Depends on above, I think. i.e. Someone is posting stuff that is getting liked and is useful in the 'Help' section, their posts there once they hit a certain level could be toggled to stand out a little, but would depend on the curating, community, and toggle-ability. For example they could add a check mark when making a post if it is in answer to a question versus a comment on something.

    Some fleshing out still required for some of these, but meh brain isn't quite functioning at the moment.
  4. Ruke Unlimited

    Ruke Unlimited Senior Agent

    It's not quite the same, but I hung out on a forum for a long while that had a chatango imbedded on the front page, and it was quite a popular feature.

    As for what you've asked for specifically?
    - agent class, rank, and title (titles class specific? Like "Lead Scientist 3", "Lieutenant 4", etc...)
    - I like the idea suggested above of creating teams/cells
    - trophies/'chievs... meh... doesn't really seem to fit the idea of this game, but that's just me... Personally, I think a solid rank structure/increases in rank is a more efficient trophy than any random thing like "first post" or what have you...
  5. nikel

    nikel Lab 1852 - Neurals

    I'll echo the other posts here that the more forum features integrated into the game itself, the better. I've never been a huge fan of post counters. It seems to me that they reward quantity over quality.

    I definitely like the idea of role titles, 'office hours' is good too, though maybe just a place to put our timezone under the avatar would be fine if specific hours aren't an option. I think there should be a way for the community to award more things to players that help/lead/can dance really well, so to avoid repeating the 'Medic' title from End of Days. Maybe 'likes' is a better system, it's hard to say at this point.
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  6. Vorticity

    Vorticity Senior Agent

    Maybe something along the lines of perks: icons that indicate certain specialities of a player. Either self proclaimed or through endorsement of other members.
  7. Santiak

    Santiak MIA

    Post counter: Nay. More than once have I seen someone create a spam-thread just to up their counter, and it ultimately tells very little about how much of an "asset" a player might be; a troll could just as easily have a high post count, for example. Conversely, someone writing well thought-out posts usually posts less - unless they're a robot - which ultimately ends up punishing them, if the system is over-reliant on post-counts.
    The other side of it is, that it opens up the risk of someone getting frowny-faced at someone else for double-posting, or otherwise commenting on a thread - which it shouldn't, in my opinion. After all, we're here to build a community, and a system that borders on punishing people for participating in discussions is counter productive to that end, I feel.

    Titles: I personally like this idea quite a bit. There are a few considerations to make here, though, and part of them is mostly centered on Human Equation:
    1. Pre-requisite goals vs Awarded: By using a goal that needs to be reached in order to unlock a title, you ensure that no-one is overlooked, and it eases pressure on Human Equation. Conversely, however, awarded titles are more "special" if they're awarded; after all, being dubbed "Speedy McSolve-a-puzzle" means more if it was either the Devs themselves, or a "high-ranking" member of the community that awarded you the title, than if it was a title awarded to anyone who managed to solve a puzzle using only 10% of the alotted time.

    2. Pick-and-choose vs. Consequential
    : Mostly an idea that just popped into my mind, based on the fact that TBW is a game of consequence - much like EVE-Online. Say you earn the "Speedy McSolve-a-puzzle" title, regardless of whether or not it's awarded (harder-to-get) or reached (easier-to-get). Later on, the Devs notice you're extraordinarily friendly towards others on the forums, and they grant you a new title: "Field Medic".
    "Field Medic" is then displayed under your avatar when you post, while "Speedy McSolve-a-puzzle" is added to a list of your previous titles, and this repeats each time you're granted a new title - new title is displayed, previous title is added to the "Titel history".
    This, of course, opens up a 3rd possibility:

    3. Fleshing out the system: So let's say we get a consequential title system. That might be a bit iffy, because the easiest to get title will be displayed automatically anyway, so there's no real sense of accomplishment most of the time, and you might end up losing a title you really liked either way.
    One option is to let players "lock in" a title - this locks the currently displayed title, and automatically pushes any subsequent titles into the "Title history". This also lets a player signal that "This is the type of player/person/agent I want to be viewed as" - for example if they want to be known as that friendly fellow, they lock in the "Field Medic" title.

    3a. Fleshing out the system: The consequential nature, as well as focus on titles (I'll get to that benefit in the next point), opens up another avenue for titles; prefixes and suffixes.
    So let's take the "Field Medic" title.
    We could sub-divide that into parts; Medic = "nice", Field = "forums".
    Let's assume, then, that we get one more player that's very active on the forums, but instead of being nice, this new individual is helpful:
    "Field Officer" (forums helpful).
    Meanwhile, the player who previously earned the "Field Medic" title, earns it once more - which then adds a suffix to the title:
    "Field Medic First-Class" (Private (hidden) -> First-class -> etc.)

    To voice another idea using this method; say someone "locks in" a title they like. After being awarded 5 new titels that are immediately pushed back, their current title is "promoted" - i.e. they get the chance to accept the promotion, and the promoted title will still convey the same meaning as the previous one, i.e.:
    Field Medic -> Field Surgeon, for example.
    The longer they stick to a single title, the more "advanced" it becomes, and in some cases, that advancement also grants benefits in-game, vis-à-vis the next point:

    4. This is awfully convoluted just for a title section, isn't it?: Aye, looking back on what I've written so far, I agree it is a bit.. complex. However, because of the nature of the game - that wonderful Augmented part - we can make use of titles in a more integrated way than just as a "forum e-peen".
    You're a nice chap, you earned the "Medic" title. You log in one day, and suddenly there's a mission available to you, as well as anyone else currently titled as a "Medic" - but no-one else.
    This way, you can award and encourage people by participating in various types of missions, without "forcing" them into a class system as such, but let the class system primarily be about what type of person a player wants to be, as well as what type of mission that player likes to do; rather than what exclusive mechanic they want access to.

    Achievements: These could then take the place of the slightly more e-peen-ish type of forum display; military style accolades displayed under the players avatar, based on what accolades the player has opted to display. In othe words, the title becomes the "This is who you are/have been most recently", and Accolades become the "This is what you're good at/like doing" - which is an optional display.

    Trophies: I feel they should be rather exclusive, but I also agree they aren't a must.
    Let's say you somehow manage to solve a mission single-handedly (I know it's extremely unlikely, and not all that fun, but bear with me - needed an extreme example), this - or an equivalent "extraordinary act" - earns you special recognition, which places a smill icon in the corner of your avatar, the icon being based on what act was accomplished.
    This can be anything from something as inconsequential and "e-peenish" as "Donated quite a bit of green during funding", to the aforementioned "godlike puzzle-solver", to - perhaps more interestingly - "Identified traitor".
    Trophies are optional, and non-consequential, but only 1 can be displayed at a time.
    I.e. Title = "I'm like this", Achievements = "I do this", Trophy = "I'm proud of this".

    In Summary:
    - Consequential awarded/reached titles; possibly with added affixes - i.e. prefixes and suffixes - in case it needs a bit more fleshing out and malleability. Could keep affixes predominantly "cosmetic", so you don't have to make in-game missions for every feasible title, only the "main-section" variations.
    - Connected titles: Titles that impact how you might be able to play the game, and conversely, the game impacting how you appear on the forums.
    - Achievements: Military style accolades? Something easily displayed without filling the view with small icons.
    - Trophies: Avatar-attached icon.

    Anywho, think that's what my limited "woke up too early" brain can accomplish at the moment. I apologize if my brain-farts were extraordinarily smelly as a result.
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  8. Mandraw

    Mandraw Senior Agent

    I wanted to say something but after what was said I'l just stare in awe...

    Santiak You have the most delightfull ideas !
  9. MochiInvasion

    MochiInvasion Senior Agent

    Basically, I agree with Santiak. I think having something easily displayable that shows off your strengths and when you're available would be helpful, but one can just as easily put that in a signature, so w/e. As a general lurker, I'd prefer 'kudos' to go towards people with better posts, as opposed to more numerous ones (see above arguments about trolls too).
    Wrt displaying achievements, if it would be possible to have something in the user-box (the thing to the left of each post, Idk what it's called) I think that would better than something on avatars, but I'm not that fussy.
  10. Vomher

    Vomher Senior Agent

    I like the idea of titles, but not the concept of players awarding others with them. It can become an issue of favoritism. So far this community is great, yes, but we want everybody to feel like they too can achieve something. Achievement is a huge motivation for people, but everybody needs to be able to feel like they've achieved something. Titles rewarded by other players can fuel competition of a rather worrisome sort, with people trying desperately to get each other to think better of them solely to be rewarded, whereas a title rewarded by completing a particular task has no biases. If you did the task, you get it, and there should be enough tasks that people of all skillsets should feel capable. Not just 'solves a puzzle fast' sort, either. Reward people for playing, but don't forget those who aren't the best!

    Trophies as described in the original post, with people fulfilling certain objectives, and then titles relating to that, sounds like a good way to go in my opinion, provided there is enough variety.

    I'd just like to see every play style able to feel like they're being rewarded for their work to some degree. There are so many kinds of people who are playing, after all. Get them all involved!
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  11. Santiak

    Santiak MIA

    Agreed. The last thing I'd want to see is the forums award-system turning into an eBay "Why didn't you give me A++∞+ !?" discussion war.
    I do, however, also think that a certain degree of organicity is preferable; "hidden" rewards that won't eventually show up on the Wikipedia page, but are reliant on an observing party (note: not observing community).
    I was thinking something along the lines of either Human Equation themselves monitoring each player, as that is likely going to be part of the "game" anyway, or by designating community moderators/selected members of the playerbase - either officially or hidden - with pointing out members who did or have done an excellent piece of work - most preferably "hidden", to again avoid favourtism.

    This would of course run alongside some Titles that are dependent on set goals, the tradeoff being that while "Goal-Titles" are more readily available, and as such something you can easier get if you fancy a specific one, "Awarded-Titles" are rarer, but not necessarily "cooler" - as subjective as that is - thus being more of a prestige thing.

    In other words, titles for not only those players who go:
    - "I really dig that title, I'm gonna strive for it"
    but also those that go:
    - "I really enjoy feeling special"

    Throw in the affix system on top, and you get some overlap; you can still have the central title you want, but either hunt for or be awarded with specific or unique pre- or suffix titles. ("The lone <central title> Officer")
  12. Anashel

    Anashel Puppet Master Staff Member

    The beauty of xenforo is the ability to tap into the API. We can have title and player custom field populated by the fact that you did a mission or you solved (or visited) a page. So think of it as much more then just a forum gimmicks. With the points come the automated reward systems. When you achieve a specifics set of conditions, a sub-forums can become visible to you, etc.. So XenForo, with some visual help and customization, can become your character sheet.
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  13. Vomher

    Vomher Senior Agent

    Oh, I like that. Will there be any statistics related to our classes, in any way? Being a character sheet and all.

    Regardless, it sounds like a neat way to get people involved!
  14. Anashel

    Anashel Puppet Master Staff Member

    Yes, Statistics and your avatar instead of showing message, like and trophy could have some icon + your agent color lvl or something.
  15. Santiak

    Santiak MIA

    Just a quick interjection, in that case; have to keep in mind that statistics, specifically "win/loss" type stats (solved missions, failed missions, 1st solver), will have the same impact on the community as competitive forum statistics; people might be less likely to work together in order to find a solution, specifically because they know their stats will improve if they find the password first, and refrain from co-operating with others for as long as possible.

    Granted, that might still be the case without such statistics, but without them there at least isn't an incentive, or anything to gain, from not co-operating with others.

    That's not to say they shouldn't be there, but that other statistics might be just as interesting - and often are, in my opinion - for example "time to finish", "times physically present at site", "secret sites found", "missions revealed", "Real-world knowledge missions solved", and so on.

    In any case, really looking forward to seeing what you have in mind with the system! ^^
  16. Anashel

    Anashel Puppet Master Staff Member

    If you recall End of Days ARG we had initially a ladder, win/lose, etc stats... and we quickly remove it because they didn't add anything to the storyline and went against the basic of working together.

    The character sheet will be more a way to display your 'badge of honors' or scars that you earned during countless night of searching, playing, and engaging yourself in our storyline. We will reward players for what they have bring to the community and for their engagement. We will not have any stats that you typically find in a moba type of game. Imagine it more as your Division-66 Passport rather then Trophy.
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  17. Santiak

    Santiak MIA

    Sounds good - and grats on the gold membership ;)
  18. Inanna

    Inanna Active Agent

    Hey Anasel, the gold member tag is overlapping your Staff member tag.
  19. nikel

    nikel Lab 1852 - Neurals

    I just want to clarify: my idea for community awarded rewards was not that the community would vote or anything, but rather nominate people they believe to deserve it. I was remembering the End of Days people got very up-in-arms about the Medic title, which was awarded by the dev team by some mysterious standard. Many people felt cheated, whether rightfully or out of a sense of entitlement I can't say. At least 80% of it was because there was a clothing reward and people get very fidgety about clothing in TSW (something something cake with numbers in it something.)

    Of course, devs get the final say. I wouldn't want it to be put in as a competitive thing but the devs don't have eyes everywhere to see what everyone does at all times (or do they? BDNF mutation)
  20. Vomher

    Vomher Senior Agent

    While there were many people who deserved the Medic title, no matter what way the rewarding is done, one has to be careful. Nominating people can still be rather tricky in terms of favoritism within the community. There can be people who have done a lot, but a group for some reason or another doesn't like. Always be careful there.

    And yes, clothing is a delicious reward, as we all know.

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