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    In the table top version, we have three classes and many more features. Each class has its own unique power that recharges every turn and can be used at turn 3.

    Rogue: Death Trap
    Rogue can change a card to a death trap, causing the player to loose a turn. The trap act the same way the Venom Spider work. Placing the trap is interesting for three reasons.

    1) Depending on how many cards are left, you can guess where people are most likely to click. After 900 games we already see patterns of where players are most likely to click on the board.

    2) The players will not see but hear that you place a death trap. By itself, it may change the player's behaviors and where he is likely to click. It may also change his game strategy.

    3) Placing the trap destroy the items under it. If there is not many cards left, you may have removed a power 50 or even the last power 25 available to win the game, creating a tie. Again, this can be strategic defense tactics when loosing the game.

    Mage: Frost Spell

    Mage can cast at any time a frost spell on a player. (Not just when it's their turn) The frost spell stops the player for a turn, like the Poison Venom. It also reset the bonus from the Fire Set.

    Warrior: Smite
    Warrior can destroy any weapon you hold in your hand. It will not affect your ring or amulet, but will automatically destroy power 25 or power 50 sword. Sometimes, you can guess what hand a player have by looking at his progression. Triple kill at the start reveals the Holy Sword, etc...

    Right now the Smite is Overpower in the table top version. Even if she's playing a mage, we gave Melia (the youngest) the smite spell and many time it resulted in a win.

    Special power like that needs to be balanced and played with to be sure they really are fun for to both sides of the table. (They must be fun/stressful to cast and epic to counterspell!)

    We also have global spells that can be looted:
    - Night Vision: Make the artifact card glow for a turn.

    - Sprint: Double loot in one turn. (A little overpower for end game but at the same time, you loose a turn for looting the card instead of getting an item)

    - Fire Shield: Protect your set item against a frost spell, a warrior attack or a harmful artifact.

    - Alchemy: Change the element of an amulet, ring or weapon (ex: turn frost into fire to complete your set)

    Set Item
    Item of power 10 are imbued with elemental magic. (Frost or Fire) When holding three of them, they will grant you +10 powers every turns. This mean that, in a perfect game, it will take three turns to complete your set (giving you Power 30) and five turns to win the game. (50 + 30 = power 80) In short, when someone have an active set item, you have five turns to finish the game or break his set. As a side effect, this will lead to more people gambling on artifact item.

    End Boss Loot
    Winning the game will let you loot the boss. Possible drop include:
    - Token / in-game currency
    - Component for crafting
    - Armor for your class (I'll start a post about the Nightfall Armor)
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    Do you use a "gamemaster" in the tabletop to be able to use those mechanics (artifact glows one round)?
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    Are you going with "just" the 3 / 4 classes, or are do have a number in mind of how many you'd like to have in the final game? :)

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