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Discussion in 'Factions' started by RiahWeston, Nov 11, 2016.

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    Ello everyone, RiahWeston here! I'm new to the whole ARG and Black Watchmen thing but couldn't help but join in and pledge to the kickstarter. And guess what, I actually became one of the Faction Leaders! So I'm asking the community to help me flesh out my faction a bit using YOUR input! All those whose inputted has been accepted will be put in a raffle to earn Faction titles and keys for the game!

    My faction is the Arbiters of Alexandria and I'll show you the mock-up I have ready to send to the devs.

    Name: Arbiters of Alexandria

    ASCII Tag: @’@

    M.O: A highly-fragmented faction of like-minded individuals who desire to merge quantum computing and nanotech with blood magic and necromancy to elevate themselves into sentient super-viruses that simultaneously exist in multiple dimensions. Are grouped into 10 sects bound together by numerous trade, defensive, and non-aggression treaties.

    Avg Members: Ostracized Geniuses of the Occult - men and women of science that have tasted the Occult and can’t turn back - have transformed their circulatory systems into weaponized interfaces through a mixture of illegal tech and dark rituals.

    Style: Blood red color scheme with neon green and cyan accents, and various symbols that represent each sect. All members still use the calling card of a black anatomical heart on top of geometric spell diagram

    Funding: Fluid. Communal funding from their members across all sects, whether it be from their jobs, siphoned money from their grants, or stolen money from their hacks.
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  3. RiahWeston

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  4. LionOfComarre

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    I do like the transhuman/biohacker angle of this, if not exactly as presented. Are you still working on this idea?
  5. Castilion

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    Hey, are you recruiting? Id be super into joining if you were around!
  6. RiahWeston

    RiahWeston New Agent

    Yeah Im still around! Just havent been looking at the forums since they are really barren. Actually in the middle of faction creation right now xD
  7. RiahWeston

    RiahWeston New Agent

    I still am! Working on the initial faction creation survey right now!
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  8. Balamung

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    Hop on the Discord if you want to meet people ! =D
  9. RiahWeston

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    will do! want to toss me a link? xD
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  11. Alpha Rose

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    Has recruitment for this faction started yet?
  12. LionOfComarre

    LionOfComarre Senior Agent

    The leader is on somewhat sporadically due to real life stuff, but feel free to hit me up on the Discord and I'll tell you what I know.
  13. LionOfComarre

    LionOfComarre Senior Agent

    @'@ now has their own discord server and is recruiting. Give me a poke on Discord for an invite.

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