Continuum: An Ahnayro Tale

Discussion in 'Fan Projects' started by Orion, May 21, 2017.

  1. Orion

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  2. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    i think there sort of is a written lore to some of the events before ahnayro

    good luck on finding it though
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  3. Orion

    Orion Active Agent

    Sequels and even prequels sometimes do not expand on the lore or universe, this is my intent when creating the storyline.

    I would like to be as accurate as possible, but ultimately this is something that's just for fun and considered "fan fiction" within the Ahnayro universe.
  4. Orion

    Orion Active Agent

    Happy Memorial Day weekend! To commemorate the occasion, the introductory puzzle has been launched! Previous experience with Ahnayro and/or completion of the game is recommended. Let me know if you have any questions or need any hints to complete! I welcome all criticism as well. Look forward to hearing your thoughts!
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  5. Anashel

    Anashel Puppet Master Staff Member

    Anyone manage to get in?

    Love the script...
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  6. Orion

    Orion Active Agent

    Puzzle 1 completed. Please re-complete Intro Puzzle to access Puzzle 1. You might need to re-enter credentials depending on your cookie settings.
  7. dawed1999

    dawed1999 Active Agent

    Trying it out myself. Seems interesting
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  8. Orion

    Orion Active Agent

    Apologies for delays on added material - rest assured it is still in development.

    Puzzles 2 and 3 to be released soon.
  9. dawed1999

    dawed1999 Active Agent

    I'm kinda stuck on puzzle 1. Can I get some Hints?
  10. Orion

    Orion Active Agent

    I am truly sorry for the late response. Can you tell me what you are getting stuck at?

    Reverse image tool is handy to figure out what is in the picture.[\spoiler]

    Typically users or employees will have access to a company's intranet[\spoiler]
  11. dawed1999

    dawed1999 Active Agent

    I definitely tried to reverse image search and found
    everglades regional medical center
    and also tried to
    to image search Alex Harper, Google map his last seen position for clues, tried to connect the dots between all of the texts(in the image above and in the website), googled the texts, tried to find employees of the medical center and also googled "spsc" and I still don't know what to do:(
  12. Orion

    Orion Active Agent

    First of all, great job so far!
    Is there another character in the story that could possibly be an employee? If so, how are employee login usernames typically defined as?[\spoiler]
    You found the correct hospital - perhaps one of those words is the answer you are looking for...[\spoiler]

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