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Discussion in 'Missions Center' started by jkru2133, Oct 2, 2018.

  1. jkru2133

    jkru2133 Active Agent

    Okay, I'm a little stuck on this one.

    I have found the trade site. I know the right node, and I have the right file. How do I complete the transaction? I haven't found the right way yet.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Zeitgeist

    Zeitgeist Active Agent

    Go back to your terminal and click.
  3. exibition

    exibition Senior Agent

    How do you know the right node? the one discovered in the previous part does not work for me

    EDIT: issue solved.I do not know why, the previous access node worked the second time around
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  4. Seshemw

    Seshemw Active Agent

    That node should give you access to the interface. The problem for me was it isn't obvious what to DO with that interface.
    Until I just started clicking around. You have to get the file selected first in file browser, then you have things you can click in the cryptnet interface that will do the next step.
  5. exibition

    exibition Senior Agent

    There are three options to click, it's just the case of clicking around
  6. Akitania

    Akitania Active Agent

    I have the same issue. Just to make sure that I'm in the right place, I should complete the transaction using the mythological creature named interface, right? Inside the game interface?
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  7. codex-13

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  8. Akitania

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  9. The Bibliophylax

    The Bibliophylax New Agent

    I think I am missing something, I have the localhost up, the proper file, and I am on Cryptnet via the mythological terminal, but I am unsure how to upload the file. I am probably missing something simple. Can someone please point me in the correct direction.

    Never mind. I was thinking way too hard on this!
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