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    Hey y'all! I'm going to try and put together a somewhat comprehensive archive of all things TBW (including Ahnaryo and NT4). I'm going to try and document stuff as far back as I can get it, and once I have it in human readable format I'll be publishing it online (likely on a tumblr or wordpress type site). This is going to be a really large project, but the biggest part for me is getting ahold of as much data as I can to work with.

    To that end, I'm putting out a call for help: Anything you have that's related to The Black Watchmen, Ahnaryo, or NITE Team 4 in the way of storylines, lore, or background-- please send it to me! I've set up a new email address specifically for this project.

    You can send all documents and information to be archived to:
    [email protected]

    When I start publishing stuff online I will update this thread (and probably harp on it on the Discord)
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