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  1. LiQuid!

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    I don't know how significant this is from the mission briefing file:

    It seems that we should also determine where the message should be left. "Central train station" seems to suggest the central train station in Sochi to me. The thing is, I don't know if you're allowed to hop off and then hop back on the train (the same or another one) and continue to Adler. It also doesn't help that most of the trains stop at Sochi for 10 minutes or less (average is 9 minutes, some stop as quickly as 6 minutes), and I don't know if the subject will have enough time to run to the information desk and back. One of them does stop for 19 minutes at Sochi though ( Gl&lastStation=Adler).
  2. LiQuid!

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    @Beckett: Yeah, I get that, but which one is the central train station though? Adler or Sochi?

    I'm referring to the notes in the mission briefing about leaving the message for the subject at the central train station information desk.
  3. Beckett

    Beckett Active Agent

    I think the $ 1493/160h routes
    I think that LI9S2W is currently hiding in Kurganinsk, with the picture letting us know that contact is to be made on the train ride from Kurganinsk's central train station (Kurgannaya) to Adler station. It makes sense, since she can not wait for our agents to make the first move in transit as long as it isn't certain when the extraction plan is acted out, so what does she do? Hides out in Kurganinsk until our agents leave a message telling her which train to Adler station to board. During transit, the first team makes contact and briefs her on the following steps, and once in Sochi, the extraction plan is executed.

    If I'm wrong here and the message is to be left in Sochi, I'd still think it'd Adler station, since the sign says "Kurganinsk - Adler district", not "Kurganinsk - Sochi"; Adler station is the central station of the district, so to speak.
  4. LiQuid!

    LiQuid! Active Agent

    Hey, just a reminder to check the intra-city routes in your plans. Remember that you can only use subways and taxi for intra-city trips. I managed to shave off some time by changing some of the intra-city bus routes to taxi, but at the expense of higher cost.
  5. LiQuid!

    LiQuid! Active Agent

    That's a fair interpretation as well. Doesn't help that dispatch is being vague about it though. Heh.

    Adler seems to be the terminus of the Russian railways line in that area, so it makes sense to initiate the extraction plan there. As for leaving the message in Kurganinsk or Sochi/Adler, I'd lean more towards Sochi/Adler, since technically for the agents to start from Kurganinsk would violate the using only unlocked cities rule IMHO.
  6. Lifebleeder

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    Note: Bold is my emphasis
    Dispatch Message #1212 states
    Which suggests us collaborating and sending in one plan that we deem most efficient.

    However the full briefing states.

    Which suggests that we should just submit everything that is viable, either as a group (Via the Google Doc), or individually and let them choose which to execute.
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  7. Beckett

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    I'd say the google doc is the way to go; that way the People who originally created the plan receive recognition for their efforts and dispatch has a nice clean list to review. Shows that we're great as a team, too!

    Now has anyone given any thought to the "signs or signals that may help the team identify where the subject is located"? First I thought this might pertain to some sign of recognition - for example, if she's in disguise and would carry that bloody Tokyo travel guide visibly on her person - but it seems that rather than any signs or signals of identification, dispatch is looking for something that'd point to her location.

    How about a platform number? If our agents aren't to accompany her to Adler on the train, maybe they're just supposed to leave her a "go" message at the Kurdannaya Station info desk and meet her when she arrives at Adler.

    If that is the case, could anyone who can read Russian find out if all the trains from Kurdaninsk arrive at a specific platform at Adler?
  8. Tejco

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    Maybe her location has something to do with the proverb that was written in the end of the briefing
  9. Beckett

    Beckett Active Agent

    It's gotta mean something, doesn't it? But it'd be a bit weird of Dispatch to put riddles in the briefing notes and endanger the Mission. Unless Mike Grisha is involved, in that case it's entirely in character.
  10. drmid

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    There are 5 platforms in Adler train station. I hope so, 'cos there no official info about it.
    No scheme, plan or anything. Only pics of some blogger 2 years ago, while station was constructing.
    Any way, In Russia you'll never know exactly platform you'll arrive. Sometimes yes, but usually no.
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  11. Khalm

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    Been away for the weekend, looks like I have a lot of catching up to do!
  12. LiQuid!

    LiQuid! Active Agent

    Well, if you want to talk about the quote, according to Google, it has also been attributed to Lady Isabel Burton in her book Life of Sir Richard Burton. So maybe that book could be the signal, or one of the books by Sir Richard Burton, e.g.: A Thousand and One Nights or The Kama Sutra, both of which were translated by him.
  13. ChilePete

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    As far as I am aware dispatch never told us to actually call up a real life train station(s) to leave messages for an asset who may not even be there ( I was in irc at the time). They said to provide them with possible meeting points in both sochi (adler) and Kuraganinsk along with their co-ords and any signs/clues etc, I don't think anyone should be trying to call a Russian train station to leave messages unless specifically told to by dispatch.
    It would seem that the confusion is because Dispatch said that THEY (the 2 ground teams) were advised to leave a message at the central train station of the place of the meet, not that we were supposed to.

    Also, we aren't only allowed to use unlocked cities, we can use any/all, we just have to "visit" unlocked cities every 36 hours or less.
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  14. drmid

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    Like native citisen, i must say that even if dispatch will say us to leave audio/written message for real in office of train station, local workers won't want to have any deal with us or any other person.
    "We are not a postoffice" we will hear.
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  15. drmid

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    Ardler station has 3 floor.
    It really looks like airport, so there are also a lot of small shops, selling any kind of stuff for tourist. First aid point, rest rooms(not toilets)), etc. also there is old building of adler train station, which now is a museum.
    May be should find specific spot, where object should meet agents?
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  16. Tutsie

    Tutsie Senior Agent

    Okay, seeing as there was a whole load of speculation on the leaving a message thing I sought clarification from dispatch :) This was their response:

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  17. Tutsie

    Tutsie Senior Agent

    Plan has been submitted to Dispatch.


    This is Agent Tutsie reporting in regarding the extraction of Subject LI9S2W. The following report has been compiled by Agents 4tre, Aetheros, Ally, Bach, Beckett, bljkr, ccik, ChilePete, Dartman, Drmid, Durroth, Dylanamite, Elenath, Field, Greenhead, Jantsop, Khalm, Kiesteel, Konmael, LiamNeeson aka AgentThinker, Lifebleeder, LiQuid, Maurna, Moonshadow, Nikel, RININGEAR, SecondMe, Sonne, Tejco, Teryn, Treble, Tutsie, Xistence, Zerosh. Agents may provide further details individually.

    I. Locating the subject

    Agents have concluded from the intel provided that Subject LI9S2W is currently hiding out in either Kurganinsk, Russia, or Adler District, Sochi, Russia, awaiting further instructions.

    Once the extraction plan has been relayed to Subject LI9S2W, agents are to determine if the subject is being tracked. To this end, information desks at both locations are to be placed under surveillance after the messages have been left.

    The subject will likely be in disguise; to facilitate identification, the subject should be instructed to carry the book "A look into Tokyo", which is known to be in the subject's possession, visibly on their person. The message should be left under a false name that will at the same time serve as an identification signal for our agents.

    If it becomes clear that subject LI9S2W is being pursued and hostile personnel can be identified, our agents are to hinder the pursuers from boarding the train specified to LI9S2W in the extraction plan that they have received. The subject is most vulnerable until in custody of the first escort team.

    NOTE #1
    Agents have marked the following locations as possible meeting locations. Train stations Kurgannaya and Adler are included:


    Kurgannaya Station - 44°54'35"N 40°35'29"E


    Adler Station - 43°26'47.3"N 39°54'16.2"E

    NOTE #2:
    Cover art of the book "A look into Tokyo", to be forwarded to all ground teams,204,203,200_.jpg

    II. Extraction

    Agents have put together a number of viable extraction routes. Out of the listed routes, the ones provided by Agt. Sonne and Agent Liquid seems to be the most effective.

    Agent Sonne, Kurganinsk --
    Agent LiQuid, Alder, Sochi --

    Please refer to the following document for details and alternate routes and choose the one that is most likely to succeed:

    Addendums may be submitted by individual agents. Standing by for further instructions.
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  18. dylanamite

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    Good work to all the Agents who've helped out over the past few days!
    I think we've all worked very co-operatively, both here and in the IRC.
    I've had a lot of fun, and I really hope we "sucees" in this mission!
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  19. Tutsie

    Tutsie Senior Agent

    Agent Tutsie,

    We have sent your instructions to our teams of agents. They will
    deposit the message to the information desks at Sochi and Kurganinsk.
    We expect an update from both teams shortly after 16:00 UTC.

    Division 66
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  20. Tutsie

    Tutsie Senior Agent

    Agent Tutsie,

    Our team in Kurganinsk followed the instructions given and were able
    to rendez-vous with the asset.

    We are now proceeding with the following extraction plan:

    Field reports on progress of the mission will be sparse on location
    specifics to ensure OPSEC. We will brief agents on the current mission
    as necessary.

    Division 66
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