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    Mission 205121 (CODENAME: FALCONREACH) has entered the next stage. Vanessa Baup [Subject LI9S2W] has revealed her location. We must prepare an extraction plan to bring her to our safe house in Vancouver, CAN. Utilize the 34 cities unlocked in Phase 1 of this mission.

    We must execute this plan ASAP. You have until 16:00 UTC 07/22/15 to deliver the plans to HQ.

    Collaborate with your fellow agents to find the most efficient extraction plan possible. Use the following website to build your final plan and send the URL to [email protected].

    A full mission briefing can be found here:

    - Division 66

    Day 0: Discuss all and any possible way's to extract target from location
    Day 1: Start figuring the plan of travel + cost(s)
    Day 2: Send plan to Dispatch

    Discussion will happen on IRC. Thread updated acordingly.


    Parent Thread

    Mission details :
    Routes and further instructions :
    Possible locations for the target :

    Extraction on the way. Countdown
    Extracton Updates:
    Movie Quotes Doc:
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  2. Zerosh

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  3. 4tre

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    We need to be careful with the clue, as it's sending us to two different Russian cities.
    Kurganinsk : Part of Krasnodar Krai, a city close to Sochi, about 6-7h of driving
    Adlerskii district : A disctrict that is part of the bigger Sochi, also part of Krasnodar Krai.
    Couldn't find anything yet linking the two cities.
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  4. dylanamite

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    From Dispatch:

    Agent JantsoP reported that there is speculation on the location of Subject LI9S2W and current available resources.
    We have two teams available for deployment to the two locations mentioned.
    Please provide us with coordinates of the possible locations to search for the subject within these two locations.
    Also provide signs or signals that may help the team identify where the subject is located.
    We were told to leave a message at the information desk at the central train station in the location of the meet.
    Email details to dispatch so we may deploy both teams to recon the locations.
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  5. drmid

    drmid Active Agent

    Yes. Kurganinsk is in the Kurganinsk district.
    May be this is should be first leg: from Kurganinsk to some point in Adlerskii district, which we should find on Sochi photos.
    I'm from Moscow, if you need any help - just ask
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  6. Moonshadow

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  7. drmid

    drmid Active Agent

    Photos in Moscow:
    1 - not clear by this time
    2 - subway station "Krasnie vorota" (красные ворота) (red line)
    3 - Savelovskii train station (also there is subway station Grey line) - only suburban trains (inc. to #8 from this list)
    4 - not clear by this time
    5 - Shelkovskii bus station ( "центральный автовокзал"
    6 - Kurskii train station (Курский вокзал), also there is subway connection to Circle line, Dark blue line and Light green line.
    7 - subway station "Timirazevskaya" (Тимирязевская) (Grey line), also there is train station "Timiryazevskaya" (from Savelovskii train station)
    8 - not clear by this time
    will be updated
  8. dylanamite

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  9. Field

    Field Active Agent

    Is there anything about the Persian proverb at end of everything of the Phase 2 document? I never trust extra things being there for no reason with this organization.
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  10. Lifebleeder

    Lifebleeder Active Agent

    The full proverb is

    Men are four:
    He who knows not and knows not he knows not, he is a fool—shun him;
    He who knows not and knows he knows not, he is simple—teach him;
    He who knows and knows not he knows, he is asleep—wake him;
    He who knows and knows he knows, he is wise—follow him!

    It has been said to be either persian or arabic.

    It has been quoted by many people including Confuscious, Cicero, Aristotle, Lady Burton, etc.
  11. SecondMe

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    I've had missed call from Saudis Arabia but no voicemail, not sure if linked to mission. Sorry if dead lead, number won't ring out to like normal HQ calls
  12. Sonne

    Sonne Division-79

    I've been reviewing my proposed route, double-checking to be sure everything is mission-appropriate. I notice that Rome2Rio is sometimes incomplete. There can be gaps when transferring at a waypoint. Reaching a city and then leaving the same city is insufficient.

    The way I read our instructions, we need to be very specific such as "Disembark the bus at XXX, take a taxi to YYY location where you catch a train to ZZZ"

    At one waypoint I had a gap of miles with no instruction how to transit the gap. So, i planned a taxi and then I figured out how to be more specific about identifying my waypoints.

    I think, though, there is a practical limit to how specific we need to be. I'm trusting that a 200 metre walk across a terminal can be figured out by the agents on site. On the other hand, I expect they should be warned about an extended walk from one transit facility to another.
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  13. ccik

    ccik Active Agent

    Also, depending from which country or which language you use Rome2Rio, travel times differ by a couple of hours.
  14. Sonne

    Sonne Division-79

    wow, that seems odd
  15. Maurna

    Maurna Gold Member

    Yeah we're going to need to double check the routes that all things connect before we submit. (Assuming one for K. and one for S.)
  16. Beckett

    Beckett Active Agent

    Here's a thought regarding the starting point:
    Since the meeting location is described as Kurganinsk - Adlersky and our extraction team is supposed to leave a note at the information desk, could it be that the team is supposed to meet LI9S2W in transit from Kurgannaya railway station, Kurganinsk to Adler railway station, Sochi?

    The extraction plan would start like this then:

    44.909538, 40.591601 Kurgannaya station, Kurganinsk, RUS
    - leave message at Kurgannaya station information desk for LI9S2W under a false name specifying train number, departure time and platform (note: how much lead time should we account for?)
    - board train to Adler station, Sochi, RUS, make contact with LI9S2W in transit

    We could then go on to draft the rest of the extraction plan from 43.447477, 39.904157, Adler station, Sochi, RUS.
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  17. Teryn

    Teryn Active Agent

    Will more cities be added in the future for live events? The briefing file said that the cities which took part to phase 1 have now been unlocked for further operations but is there possibility for more cities being added to the list in the future? I don't want to sound hasty or anything like that but I'm just curious because that way more people could have the possibility to participate without having to travel long distances on short notice. :(
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  18. Beckett

    Beckett Active Agent

    I sincerely hope so. Since Dispatch insisted on current photographs for FALCONREACH, I also suspect that we'll have to update the intel periodically to keep the cities active. Might be a question for Dispatch.
  19. LiQuid!

    LiQuid! Active Agent

    I'm thinking along the same lines, except that the message could be indicating that the subject will be on the Kurganinsk - Adlersky train, but will get off the train at Sochi instead of continuing on to Adlersky. Since neither Kurganinsk or Adler is part of the unlocked cities, and one of the pictures (the building with the big clock tower) is of Sochi's central train station (thank you Google Street View), I'm inclined to think that the message should be left at the information desk at Sochi central station and the extraction plans should use Sochi as the starting point.

    Do note as well that it seems all bus and train routes between Kurganinsk and Adlersky passes through Sochi (checked using rome2rio and Google Maps), which seems to support my theory, whether the subject takes the train or bus from Kurganinsk to Adlersky.
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  20. Zerosh

    Zerosh Sleeper Agent

    I've put together a route but the best I get is 7 days and 6 hours:
    If other people have other routes post them here, I'll update the OP with them and maybe we can put together a better option.

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