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Discussion in 'General' started by Anashel, Nov 15, 2017.

  1. Anashel

    Anashel Puppet Master Staff Member


    Does everyone got their Closed Beta key? If not please let me know here.

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  2. OPTachikoma

    OPTachikoma New Agent

    Hello, I have not yet received my beta key. I bought the quantum package off the site that redirected me when I clicked on the pre order link in the steam application. Thank you for your help!
  3. Orion

    Orion Active Agent

    I have been on hiatus for a bit. I didn't get my Closed Access Seam key yet. I think this is due to change in email from when I first purchased. Any help is appreciated!
  4. StrangeTree

    StrangeTree Active Agent

    I'm going to ask a stupid question. (Not for the 1st time.) Should all KS backers have gotten a closed beta invite or just a specific tier? I can't for the life of me remember.
  5. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    only those that backed more than $50,-
  6. StrangeTree

    StrangeTree Active Agent

    Ah, thank you! I was afraid I'd missed something.
  7. Adam The Chespin

    Adam The Chespin Active Agent

    Do I have to enter my key in Steam only? Or can I somehow enter it in the standalone client? I use the standalone version from the forums.
  8. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    there are two kinds of versions of the game
    and there are two kinds of codes

    the alpha version can be downloaded by anyone, while the beta version is only accessible through steam, for which you need a game-key, that has to be inserted in steam.

    the other key will only unlock some skins, and can only be inserted in the client.
  9. Orion

    Orion Active Agent

    Yep, need the Beta Steam key so I can access client on Steam with the updates. I believe the standalone client will not be getting any more updates.
  10. Adam The Chespin

    Adam The Chespin Active Agent

    WELL FUCK. guess I can't play the beta. Kind of fucked up that I chose the wrong version of the game to play. Even more so that the closed beta is steam only when the standalone client says CLOSED BETA on it's login screen. :mad:
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  11. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    if you want to upgrade from sentry to quantum, you can contact anashel so he can tell you what to do
  12. Elaine

    Elaine Active Agent

    I have not received my Closed Beta Key, sorry for such a late reply. Didn't realize they had already gotten sent out.

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