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Discussion in 'Previous builds' started by codex-13, May 12, 2018.

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  1. codex-13

    codex-13 Senior Agent

    Please use this thread to report issues in the current closed beta version! If a bug from the previous version has not been fixed, please report it again in this thread.

    Patch notes coming soon!
  2. TheoAurigae

    TheoAurigae New Agent

    I got the following crash when I attempted to add a document to the case file.

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  3. kr4t05

    kr4t05 New Agent

    Hi, i finished the new mission ODS.01.03 . After that, i did the Bonus objective and after i found the solution it crashed.

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  4. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    xkeyscore is very prone to overload the client...

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  5. CantFindMyKeys

    CantFindMyKeys Active Agent

    Not really a bug, but there is no info when fingerprinting
  6. CantFindMyKeys

    CantFindMyKeys Active Agent

    Can 2nd that. Xkeyscore is very prone to crash
  7. codex-13

    codex-13 Senior Agent

    Yeah, I've logged this as a bug. Must be some change in the xkeyscore code making it more unstable.
  8. Palatura

    Palatura Active Agent

    Some Hivemind bugs I've found:

    - Arkham Asylum SOAP Note 1941 appears twice in Inventory > Intelligence
    As such, that Intelligence appears in (at least) two different Hiveminds. You are able to initiate a trade within either of them and a check mark will appear near the Intelligence, however, it will not be added to your inventory and you will not gain any additional progress %'s in Analytics. Additionally, when you re-connect to the Hivemind Network where you traded, the check mark for SOAP Note will disappear.

    - Initiating a trade with an ID that isn't available in the network "softlocks" the Hivemind Remote forcing you to close and re-open it in order to be able to type anything in.

    • The vulnerable node isn't red in Hivemind External Mapping (forcing you to play the guessing game)
    • Infiltrated Asset doesn't have correct information to cross reference in Air Crack (forcing you to guess yet again)
    • You are not able to find all subdomains/internal services with Information Gathering tools (unless you need to wait an unusually long time for the sfuzzer). Thankfully, it doesn't seem to be an important server.

    • You are not able to find all subdomains/internal services with Information Gathering tools (unless you need to wait an unusually long time for the sfuzzer). (FYI, that wasn't copy-pasted, I typed it all again) However, this time it's important information that is missing.
    There's no way to get your asset's information. The only thing you can do is guess blindly in Air Crack again. However, even once you access the phone, things will not be easy - Password Attack module will not be initiated automatically. And you can't click the shield icon either. As such, the Target URL and Target Username will not be entered. All hope is not lost, though.
    We are faced with two obstacles: 1. Target Username and 2. Target URL.

    What I did for the username:
    Got to target's phone
    Clicked "Add to Case File"
    Went to Command Center
    Took a look at Credentials - the target's username was there

    The URL was tricky:
    I went to a different Hivemind Network to see how that URL should look and what they correlate to
    Noticed that if there's a successful Netscan, the URL is always the compromised/red node
    Went back to innocence.hvm
    Did the Netscan again
    Entered the first server's location into the Target URL field
    I just really wanted to share this story


    Additional information:
    OS - Windows 10
    Resolution - 1920x1080 (Fullscreen)

    Version - Latest Demo
    Skin - Sentry
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