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  1. codex-13

    codex-13 Senior Agent

    Patch notes! Get your patch notes here!

    XKEYSCORE Document Upgrades

    We’ve updated the way that XKEYSCORE documents are saved, so they should be higher resolution and better optimized. ZOOM, ENHANCE!

    Voice Chat

    You now have the ability to communicate over voice with your teammates while connected to a shared server! In this release, voice chat automatically starts when you’ve connected to a server.
    This is the first release of this feature, and we’re anticipating that some players might run into trouble with it. Please report any and all issues with the new release in our Technical Support thread!


    Multiplayer UI Changes

    We’ve updated a bit of the UI having to do with multiplayer and customization. Everything should look and feel a little more cohesive!


    Bug fixes

    Our development team has been hard at work chasing down bugs and optimizing the game’s code. Hopefully this will result in an overall more pleasant gameplay experience for you all!
  2. Ryan Jaeger

    Ryan Jaeger New Agent

    Cool beans. Voice-chat sounds like it can be a fun addition to the game!
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