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    What's New?
    In this release we've added a few new things that we're excited to share.

    Player Avatar

    You can now upload an avatar to represent yourself in NITE Team 4. You can also select which of your available titles you'd like to display with your avatar.

    News Stream Live

    We've implemented the much beloved News Stream Live mission from our Alpha client into the beta client as "Operation Dragon Scale". Play or replay it now!

    XKEYSCORE Document Template
    We've added a context menu for files uncovered in the XKEYSCORE module, so you can more easily open them in a new window or add them to your active case file.

    Notes from 0.10.1
    We didn't do an official set of patch notes for 0.10.1, but there were some pretty big changes. First, we made some big adjustments to the UI that we hope you will all find intuitive and satisfying. But more excitingly, NITE Team 4 is now multiplayer. You can hear Anashel discussing the changes from our previous patch and see him showcase some of these functionalities in this announcement video!

    What's Next?
    Next week, we're aiming to add News Stream Live parts 2 and 3 into the beta client, as well as a voice chat function.

    For the end of April we hope to be able to include three new modules:
    - Email phishing attacks
    - Active Directory support
    - Hash interception and password bruteforcing for credential escalation.

    As always, thank you all so much for your continued support and enthusiasm!
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