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Discussion in 'Previous builds' started by crux, May 18, 2016.

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    I've been working on making the CLAM instructions more clear for players, I wanted to know what you thought of the latest draft? You can read it below, any comments on improving the instructions are welcome!

    Data Types:
    Node A processes data A, throws errors for data B, and is neutral to C
    Node B processes data B, throws errors for data C and is neutral to A
    Node C processes data C, throws errors for data A and is neutral to B

    Review the data types in the DATA FLOW stack and their properties.
    Click a node (A, B or C) and you will be able to place it on a slot in the circuit.
    Place the nodes to maximize the amount of data processed in the DATA FLOW.
    If more than 4 unprocessed packets reach the end of the circuit, the system will overflow.
    Press the PLAY button to begin the processing stage.

    Node Properties:
    Nodes can process at most 4 packets of data.
    Nodes can throw 2 errors before failing.
    Nodes that have failed cannot process data and will allow data to pass through them.
    You can replace one node per round with a new node.
  2. codex-13

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    Are the nodes drag and drop or do you click first on the node type and then on the node location? That needs clarifying. I would also focus on the data types rather than the node types, or maybe using a table?
  3. crux

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    You click first on the node type and then the node location. A table might be a good idea to visualize the relationship between node types and data types. Thanks for the suggestion!
  4. codex-13

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    After replaying through the game again, I'd add another suggestion. When you can't place any more nodes, the cursor should change from indicating what node type you have selected to a different cursor. Maybe an X or a grayed out box?
  5. crux

    crux Special Adviser

    Yes I think that greying out the box might be a good way to give the player feedback to indicate they can't place anymore nodes.
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