Cχ:$$ CroniX Security Solutions Universe, 5000 year old order, Archival Mysteries and Access Levels

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    Curious about CroniX Security Solutions or Cχ:$$ ‽

    Are you looking to become more immersed in the NITE Team 4 experience ‽

    Most Cronix agents are active to some degree on our discord server and are displayed on the CroniX website. The discord account makes it easy to keep track of who has finished what promotion test and to deliver advancements in rank. The tier system is only bragging rights for now. However there is a lot of content to come. The hidden history of the order that our faction evolved from is nearly 5000 years old. There will be a wealth of archival content and rank based rewards of trust. Layers of access to the mysteries will range form public to highly classified. So if you solved or can solve our recruitment puzzle and you are willing to become a part of a faction that is admittedly going through some growing pains, we are recruiting new agents since the only survivors of "the incident"-nature still classified until full analysis-are the CEO-Cronkllr{Cχ:$$}, CIO-TheMadHuman{Cχ:$$} and the CFO-BladeDraconis{Cχ:$$} our positions in the order/religion are analogous but with different names of course. We are rebuilding an army, rebuilding a network of highly skilled hackers and rebuilding a family. The requirements are; 1. earn trust 2. develop skill sets until razor sharp with the help of you brothers and sisters 3. protect the faction, our contract(if honored by the hiring party) must be carried out perfectly-never allow yourself or another agent to be compromised 4. if the executives decide a contract has been breached by non-payment(mercs we are yes, but payment is not always money) that entity is your sworn enemy-revenge is taken in some form always-we don't stop until we have attained the value of the contract performed.
    More to come, oh and a... brush up on your steganography for the first few tests.
    Find out how to become a tier one agent at http://www.cronixsecuritysolutions.com/ not the contact page-it's a test of merit and for a lot of people tenacity.
    For other puzzles to get ready for accessing the most elite of archival documents, intelligence privileges, and mind sharpening I will be populating a small list of public puzzles below, mostly on subsequent posts. The first one I have for you is Epic difficulty it can be found identically at two sites https://tmh.nite.team/ and http://tmh-digital.net hint this is one of my "rarely done" non stego puzzles-another hint, in a way it has to do with an intersection of mathematics and computer science. Only one person has solved it as of 4-5-2017.
    below is the seal and crest of the military order (precursor to our faction) employed during the crusades to retrieve important artifacts from the holy lands, luckily the monarchs that contracted us were being advised by our people from the monastic wing of the order, of the importance of these great objects of power and volumes of knowledge that would help bring light to the darkness...
    seal and crest cxss.png
    this is our modern day calling card
    and this is... well you're gonna have to work to find this one out
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    For those looking for the path on our website. I would suggest looking back on the previous post here you may see something of interest.

    Feel free to ask me for nudges if you cant see your way.


    NOTE: to current members if you missed our Private Discord Link , Just let me know I will get you to you. It was easy to miss, after you completed the Tier 1 test.
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    For whatever reason, I can' start a direct conversation with you, cronkllr. I've sent in my code--does that net me a link to the server?
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    The Group Puzzle Project was a great success, 10 of the 12 agents that started finished and received promotions. You can follow in their epic footsteps starting at http://tmh-digital.net/.pu55l3-1/ and guided by canned mail finish a truly challenging set of puzzles. The ring puzzle leads to a steganography and encryption gauntlet where if you're not yet familiar, you will learn a little about PGP encryption. The contest is over, but the puzzles are still there to tackle, I don't recommend most people work these alone. I will offer a bit of support through the forum here, convo me-Please work in groups!

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