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  1. Zerosh

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    Parent thread and recap:

    Dataset 1 without spoilers:

    Dataset 1, 2 & 3 solutions:

    Use this thread to work on Dataset 02
    # # #
    You should have the configuration already set from Dataset 01.
    All you need to do is login to the specified database with the login provided and the new query:
    q6dbcmd login -db ./bwdb.Sy16 shiva:brahma
    q6dbcmd -q -entry 4499202119

    And you should reach

    PART 1
    Sol: xxxxx
    Doing a reverse search of the background image you get: flock of birds
    P1 is a simulation
    A paper on flocking simulation was published in 1987
    Flocking simulation was used in a Hollywood film in 1992.
    Craig Reynolds
    - - -
    PART 2
    Sol: xxxxxxxx
    P1 shows an image of an IP datagram
    TCP/IP is the network protocol used by the Internet
    P2 shows the OSI protocol stack
    The background image shows a network in France
    Judging by the network speeds, it is a quite old network
    Louis Pouzin
    - - -
    PART 3
    Sol: xxxxxxxx
    Marian "Daisy" Hubbard Bell
    The background image shows the solution
    Note the lenses, it has something to do with light
    The solution is one of his latest inventions
    # # #


    Dataset 02 Index Link:
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  2. cronkllr

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    cannot wait. I love these live events.
  3. Zankh

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    is the countdown still relevant? we are under 2 hours
  4. Field

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    Thank you for this.
    Is there anything to the song or background for the valid sequence? Not sure if spoiler needed.
  5. Tutsie

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    Yay, e-mail to say Dataset 2 is now active :)
  6. thatangryviking

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    It's on..
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  7. cronkllr

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    Here we go.
  8. JantsoP

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    Moderator note! Please do not direct link anything from the mission here. I added the Dataset 2 index link on the topic and now since new system is place, this will prevent users getting stuck on on the redirect page like in Dataset 1 :)
  9. Zankh

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    this is what we have all been waiting for
  10. Nu Age

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    Cowbie killed it tonight !!!
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  11. dylanamite

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    You could say that those puzzles are...

    "all dead"
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  12. Zekh

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  13. JantsoP

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  14. Treble

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    Dang. You guys work fast
  15. Tutsie

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    I'd like some clarification please, I posted that exact index link in IRC last night (before this thread was updated) for an agent just joining and was told not to by a moderator. Can I ask why? What are the official rules here, is it one rule for updating the forum and another for updating IRC? I was under the impression that during a live mission we were allowed to share information freely everywhere?

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  16. JantsoP

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    You can post index link. but not the pop-up due an broken redirect. System works that you open the index and click trough there. If you link directly to the mission it will open yes, but system will not count that as complete since either coming directly or having no reffering back link which is needed to complete the mission.
  17. Priathic

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    I'm just annoyed that by the time I got home everything had been solved.... :p You guys are too efficient! :)
  18. Zekh

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    You're far to be the only one annoyed here.
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