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    Parent thread and recap:

    Upon landing on you need to follow the instruction on

    The first step is the configuration:
    q6 config start
    q6 DB_CONFIG=/home/tbw/Q6/.q6db_conf
    q6 SEARCH_CONFIG=/home/tbw/Q6/.q6search_conf

    Note: We assume that the name of the organization is tbw since
    the command pwd anwers /home/tbw/

    After that comes the login to the specified database with the login provided:
    q6dbcmd login -db ./bwdb.Sy16 shiva:brahma
    q6dbcmd -q -entry 7281944002

    And you should reach

    PART 1
    Sol: xxxxx xxxx
    The assembly code is correct. No need to check it.
    The chip links tells you the registers the chip have.
    The registers Ax, Bx, Cx and Dx are the data registers of a processor.
    The assembly code is specific for that processor.
    The processor is form the world's largest and highest valued semiconductor chip makers, based on revenue.
    x86 architecture
    - - -
    PART 2
    Sol: xxxxxx
    The first image depicts an stack overflow attack.
    The second batch of images depicts in order the following services from Linux:
    rsh (remote shell)
    The background image is a photo of a worm *nudge* *nudge*
    The worm had a name
    - - -
    PART 3
    Sol: xxxxxxxxxx
    The first link shows how the logical operations OR and AND work.
    The photo is from the IBM 704
    The background image shows the solution
    The IBM 704 was used to work with that formula
    Hint 1 + Hint 2 somewhat implies that the computer was "learning"
    # # #

    Feel free to post your own hints and theories.
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    If you are stuck on Redirect loop, do not use direct links. Please click System Ready and you will get an pop-up. After it appears, fill the answer and you will be redirected correctly again.

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