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    This is a archived event for one of Nite 4's Official Factions CroniX Security Solutions.

    Event Name " Agent In Distress "

    This has been made available to everyone, You do not need to be a member to solve any puzzle contained within.




    Q. Why am I posting this?
    A. This reveals some------ -Redacted -------

    Q. Do I need to sign up on your site to solve this?
    A. No , Not at all . It is fully solvable without membership.

    Q. Why should you try this?
    A. It is a new puzzle experience you have not seen. It has been tested on a group of players, And it should give you a nice challenge. And if you finish the puzzle line you will learn REDACTED for the future.

    Side Note from Me: I hope you enjoy it. Some might find these easier than others. It was a new test of Puzzles meets VR. And a surprise for those who do solve it.

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