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Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by Alexander666, Sep 1, 2017.

  1. Alexander666

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    I am a teacher from Denmark and would like to use TBW as part of some group work in my class at my school.

    I have 70 students divided into 17 groups - as there is a Steam sale right now (€2,49/license), I would like to mass purchase 17 steam codes so I can distribute them to the students in class using their own steam accounts.

    Can you help me how to accomplish a mass order of (just) steam codes?

    Best regards,
    Jakob Alexander Brahm
    Langelands Efterskole
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  2. AgentZeus

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    hey @Alexander666

    only @Anashel would be able to answer you. Not sure if its possible. Steam used to block bulk purchases (I think anything more than 8 or 9 of one item) - probably in case they made a mistake with the price! Not sure if they still block - you might need to check with Steam as well
  3. Anashel

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    We have decided to give a free copy of Ahnayro and The Black Watchmen to all his students. :)
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