Discussion in 'Previous builds' started by Auo, Oct 20, 2016.

  1. Auo

    Auo New Agent

  2. Vorigan

    Vorigan New Agent

    I ran into the same problem and found that switching between the message and the map fixed it in order to solve the exploit.
  3. Furiosity

    Furiosity New Agent

    guys .. this is not a bug .. the thing is, its an alpha .. but the more important thing is "u did it wrong"

    sry, can't tell u more, otherwise i will spoiler, but test the different commands u have and read the help texts
  4. Vorigan

    Vorigan New Agent

    How is it wrong since going back and forth in the screen fixes it?
  5. Furiosity

    Furiosity New Agent

    before u hack the firewall u have todo a different step
  6. Crazypedia

    Crazypedia Active Agent

    still a bug since you cant get out of the not-a-firewall-hack screen without closing the game? Can confirm that completing objectives in the correct order resolves issue.

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