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Discussion in 'Missions Center' started by TRiM, Nov 6, 2018.

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    I've just finished the castle ivy mission, nitro winter still locked so i tried some bounties.
    Made 1, without problem...
    But the second i did not get the solution...
    It was a job for the DGSE, i had to discover the media server subdomain of a site called

    I tried sfuzzer for 300 second and osint with google, bing, yahoo and tbw with -d 5000.
    I only discovered 3 subdomain.
    Each one of these had 1 port opened but not vulnerable.
    What i missed?

    Thanks ^^

    Oh, while waiting for the nitro winter, what i am supposed to do?
    Hive network is not explained in the tutorial so i don't know what to do ^^

    Thanks again <3
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  2. Dgray

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    When you can't break open the door, ask the residence to open the door for you.

    Elsewhere in the forums is a writeup on hivemind.
    It's a bit more than a 1-2 sentence explanation.
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