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    This is important for a lot of reasons .. if you know David Bowies work you know he was deep into the occult. And this is his last piece of the story that continues through multiple albums and songs. *

    The astronaut is MAJOR TOM.

    I posted a video about the meaning on this song before,.. BUT I want each of you to interpret this song personally . This song is deep. ( keep in mind the day this was released to the world is the day he died. I personally was listening to it the moment the passed away. which is really weird. But if you notice the back buttons on the cloth on his eyes and * more than that. HE KNEW he was dying and would be gone soon.

    He did a good job on finishing the MAJOR TOM story.

    And it has a lot of conspiracy stuff as well as HUGE occult references,

    Occult reference video

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