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    The Black Watchmen currently have an opening for a Green Level position. Our administrative team has prepared an application form for all agents who have an interest in upgrading their clearance to one of the highest levels. Green Level clearance is highly demanding and we seek only agents who have proven themselves in the field.

    To apply, you must submit a completed Green Level application form (found at Archive Call # 2018D2 ) to Dispatch ([email protected]) by 17:00 UTC 02/26/2016 with the subject “Green Level Upgrade Request”. After this, it will be judged by an executive committee and applications that pass screening will be made available for peer review by fellow agents in a voting process. The applicant who receives the most votes by their peers will undergo a final evaluation by commanders at HQ and if they pass, the applicant will receive Green Level status.

    Good luck agents and we look forward to seeing your applications.

    Mod Edit (JantsoP): Noticed an typo with the dispatch email so i fixed that one up. Same typo is on the email which was sent to the agents.
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