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  1. Anashel

    Anashel Puppet Master Staff Member

    We are looking for player who are ready to be features in the first edition of the Black Watchmen Comic Book. In future edition, the content of the comic book will heavily rely on player's action during PARG mission, but the first edition follow the story behind 5 agents who recently joined the Black Watchmen and are on their first mission.

    We want to base theses 5 agents on real character who participated in the last 3 arg. There is 4 positions:
    - Soldier : brute force
    - Cybertech : code breaker
    - Sniper : Discipline and tactical skill
    - Scientist : Vulcan Logic / investigator

    To apply, specify which classes you identifying yourself to and just write a short summary on how you felt in the rabbit hole and joined the Black Watchmen.
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  2. nikel

    nikel Lab 1852 - Neurals

    >refresh >33 >esc
    >refresh >33 >esc
    >refresh >33 >esc

    May 29, 2012:
    Text Message Received
    Welcome to the Black Watchmen
    Terminal Code XXXX

    I had to maintain my day cover as as a summer student taking some science classes, so I couldn't spend every hour watching The Glorious Wall (A4!) but I was the first to put in the last answer and unlock that seal, which felt incredible. And then, at the end of the world, The Black Watchmen went dark. I kept checking The Secret World forums, waiting for some word, until last March...

    (Also, just so it's clear, Scientist. Let me know if you want me to write more. I figured I'd keep it short)
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  3. Vismal

    Vismal Gold Member


    Office worker. See the clues that led up to "33". Find the Gate. Read a runes. Got interested. Learnt a lot about Futhark and its place in our history. The-now-agent Chibimerrick helping out, catching more trailheads than I. So many false trails followed though, unsure what this really was or where it was heading. Colleagues at work notice me distracted and checking out "33"; they join and most of us start figuring stuff out. After a few locks, I end up the last one remaining trying to solve it. I'm not a good researcher. I do things. Listening to those beside me, yet so far away and everywhere worldwide; the Gate gets "done". Choice is made. Safe again. Who were The Black Watchmen?

    Fast Forward. Still working at the office; the End of the World scenario faces us. December, cold: not for me, it's comforting and should be colder yet. I gain access to a Situation Room after being contacted. The Rabbit Hole shows itself to Chibimerrick and I: a great deep well of hidden secrets. We listen to a growing community of like-minded individuals. We link the clues, hack the information we need, put the pieces together. The stakes are higher this time. Much higher. At the last mission, the on-site need of an agent is requested. We're close; minutes close from the location in question. Are we agents though? We are unsure. We were certainly posing as ones, rather, following the legacy of a now-disappeared group. I'm a big guy; nothing to worry about. I volunteer for pickup. Agent Msika confirms delivery time.
    We pick up the package.
    That did it; that was the information that got us to complete the last mission. All I had to do was follow orders, show up and do what needed to be done.

    (Addendum: Odd that it was, I kept the documents hidden at home wondering if one day I could learn more secrets from them: maybe a hidden message. It was not so long ago, but it feels so far away. My memories are vivid from that time. Vivid, yet...I can't find those documents anymore. Where are they? Were they even there? Agent Chibimerrick assures me they were real and just misplaced, but I feel there's something more sinister happening.)

    So here I am now. I must be an agent. I must, or rather, I fit the bill so well, that I fooled everyone. That I'm part of this group; The Black Watchmen. My doubts at my position/title seem irrelevant to the others, they call me agent. They give me missions. Show me things that hide within society. Show me trails and clues left by...others. I should just accept it. I am an agent now. Was it the same for the previous Black Watchmen?
    I'll do it. I'll do what needs to be done. I'll keep the dangers hidden deep. I'll follow the needs of the many. I am but one person, but I can cover my own area. Others must do the same in their areas. The system must work.
    ...I'll leave my doubts deep in my mind. I'll keep my memories deeper still. I'll be one of The Black Watchmen.

    (Whatever, I'm bad at stories. *shrug* lol)
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  4. TheChosenOne

    TheChosenOne Active Agent

    My name is Jimmy "The Chosen One" Freeman. I didn't find the Black Watchmen, the Black Watchmen found me. I was different man back then. I wasn't on any team, I was just trying to survive... To make do. But then one day, everything changed...

    I was pulled out of the Secret War and thrown into a world that I wasn't familiar with. Clues, patterns, puzzles. In one week my life changed completely. Following Astrid on her journey showed me a new perspective and it set me on a new path. The gate remained closed, but many new doors had opened. I swore my allegiance to the Black Watchmen and I was soon called upon again during the End of Days.

    But that wasn't the end. It was just the beginning...

    During my training as a sniper, I have learned that strenght isn't everthing. I have learned to always be one step ahead of my enemy. To think quick and to act even quicker. I may not be strong and I may be lacking experience. But now that I have a cause-- something to fight for; no one can stop me.
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  5. Zerosh

    Zerosh Sleeper Agent

    (OOC: I've never participated in any previous ARG, but I'm willing to help. I leave here my application in case there isn't enough previous ARG players.)

    Last April I received this strange e-mail. It talked about some obscure organization, The Black Watchmen. "Who are The Black Watchmen?", I thought. Right after receiving the email I began to investigate.
    The first thing I discovered was QADHOS. At first it seemed a long disbanded organization with no connection to the e-mail, but after some searching and net hopping I found it, Division-66, The Black Watchmen. At that point, lots of information began to rush before my eyes: rupture sites, artifacts, BDNF gene and... patient alpha.
    I could not believe my eyes, these guys were dealing with some serious shit. And, in case that wasn't enough they were already on the move. They had been pretty busy the month before I got the e-mail: agents' mobilization, rupture sites tracking, artifact hunting and even some sort of operation in Montreal. And the most incredible thing of all: They were recruiting new agents!
    Finally, it did not take too much time for me to realize that I wanted to form part of it, so I signed up.

    I have some skill with computers, programming and coding. But I'm also a healthy type of person so I spend several hours a week trainning my body and mind. I like practicing martial arts and I really enjoy some evening jogging at some deserted place. And I can aslo be pretty sneaky when necessary.
    For what I've heard TBW are looking for Techies and Snipers, so I think I could fit in any of those groups. I do love the hunt, either in RL or in the Net.
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  6. Vicarne

    Vicarne Senior Agent

    (OOC: I participated in the Rosenburg Clinic ARG if that counts, but completed Division-66 after the fact...)

    The Black Watchmen reached out to me. I was just a soldier for the Templars at the time. I must have caught their attention working on one of my missions. I see so many others come and go as I go about my work that I never stopped to think that I could be the one they are looking for. I received an email mentioning The Black Watchmen, but I assumed it was just a ploy of the Illuminati, trying to convert true followers. I dismissed the email, but it continued to gnaw at my subconscious. I followed the link and discovered Divison-66. 6 missions had been completed and unlocked, but I didn't have access to the second, third and fourth. I took it as a challenge and began mission 1. Over the course of a few hours, I had unlocked the documents of Patient Alpha, the Goseck Circle, the Artifact Testing Site and two images of agent classifications. I was intrigued and submitted my contact information for future access.

    I see myself as a Sniper. The ghost in the crowd. Possibly noticed, but immediately forgotten. I love to get out and explore, preferably elevated locations ;) I like to do everything. I'm a jack-of-all-trades kind of guy but don't do anything half-assed. When I get an idea in my head, I tend to figure out what I need to do to achieve that goal. I excel when it comes to projectile sports: bowling, golf, shooting and I even coached archery for my college club after graduating. Sniper is in my blood.
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  7. Ugly

    Ugly Senior Agent

    It was only a game.

    It started with a buzz. “There is definitely something in the static.. maybe,” I thought, clicking reload just one more time. Turns out I was right, there was.

    From there my journey took me into the dark side of the internet. Back doors, secret codes, and cryptography became my way of life. I helped stop a murder, and may have let one happen. I tracked agents through ancient systems and futuristic nerve centers. I helped cripple the intelligence of an entire country and I investigated strange medical experiments. With only my

    [incoming message]

    Here we go again.

    It was only a game.

    ~Agent Ugly, Cybertech
  8. Anashel

    Anashel Puppet Master Staff Member

    The comic book happen after Gate 33 / End of days but before Whitechapel, which by itself is impossible and that's exactly what the book will reveal.
  9. Anashel

    Anashel Puppet Master Staff Member

    Thanks everyone, a lot of really good application. I will contact you directly to talk about how we plan to design your character in the comic book and to have your approval. We will send you also a first drawing for approval but the rest (what you character have done and how it play out in his first mission) will stay secret until the comic book reveal. =)
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  10. Anashel

    Anashel Puppet Master Staff Member

    We have contacted everyone who will be features int he First Edition of the Comic Book, If you have not been contacted yet, don't worry you will have another shot at Edition #2. =)
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  11. Jojo

    Jojo Active Agent

    yay for another shot :)
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  12. Tyryt

    Tyryt Senior Agent

    How did I come to be involved with the Black Watchmen? It's not a quick story, and this is still really condensed, for reasons you'll understand, but here it is; more of it is true than you are likely to believe.

    At some point, those I spend any length of time will end up asking me about my service in the US Army, and why I left it "since it obviously suits your temperament". They are right, the military does suit me, or at least some of it did. As for what I did in the service, or why I left, that gets a bit more complicated. Technically, everything I'm writing is classified but since what I have to say will be denied, scoffed at and dismissed as mad ravings, it doesn't much matter if I say it or not.

    Officially, I was a 96B Intelligence Analyst, and as far as the general job description and training goes is accurate; intelligence gathering from HUMINT to SIGINT, physical and information security, OOTWA (operations other than war), OOB (order of battle), tactics, etc. Like everyone in the army, even the intel branch is "infantry first", for which I had the dubious extra duties of armourer, as well as a SAW gunner. The first few years was pretty much that, various tours of duty including Korea, Panama, even a state-side assignment at Ft Bliss. Most of this work, while classified, was pretty routine, and nothing to really write home about unless you like writing about North Korean infiltrators, or drug hunts in the southern hemisphere. The real trouble started when our battalion was given some unusual (for us) orders.

    Usually, our trips down into the countries south of the equator consisted of us taking one of our imagery platforms (spy plane for the civilians) down and living and working from a military airfield in the host country, which let us spend more time on targets and collecting the information that would be used later. Whether by bad luck, fate, or some hidden plotting we were on one such deployment when we got a sudden change of orders. Instead of the planned flight to check on a few suspected sites, we were to head to a point deep in the jungle, by truck, to an archaeological dig to escort some personnel back to civilization.

    Now, keep in mind, we were an intelligence battalion and while a few of us were more 'gung-ho' than others, most of the unit I wouldn't trust with a weapon much less actually want to depend on them in a life-or-death situation. Our briefing was fairly short; the area the dig was in had been recently 'de-militarized' by the government and basically turned over to the rebels, and the US government simply wanted to guarantee the safety of the US citizens there. Since it had just been declared a DMZ, the local military and police weren't able to enter, but being foreigners we should be fine. Other than us not being any sort or rescue or recovery unit it was a sound idea, the rebels didn't really want to tangle with the US and give a reason for any sort of offensive operation; and besides, we'd have plenty of ammo and supplies to hold out until relief came if we ran into any real trouble.

    The location itself was fairly remote and pretty inaccessible. What was supposed to take us two days by truck each way ended up becoming a gruelling trek down over-grown trails with usually half of us on foot, clearing the path or figuring out how to get one vehicle or another out of mud that would make the Louisiana bayou proud. On the fourth night of our two day trip to the site we came across a group of locals at a small clearing to the side of the trail. After some talking back and forth (not myself, but a lot of our people were fluent in the dialect, it's why we were there after all), we found out they were locals who were coming back from the site, and that we had about three more hours, but in the dark it would probably take six. We tried to convince one or two of them to help lead us, as we were all done with the jungle at this point and just wanted to get back to showers. As soon as they were asked to lead us, they all went silent and started a fearful look between each other. With some awkward excuses they managed to convince our CO that we should just stay and rest the night.

    The men were friendly, and before too long our shelters were up, the fire was stoked and the locals broke out some home-made alcohol of some sort. We weren't supposed to drink, of course, yet I'm fairly certain everyone had a bit, it would be rude not too, right? Morning came way too soon for just about everyone, and a few of us were pretty sick, the drink we had shared packed more of a punch than a lot thought, and I'm still fairly sure it was laced with some of the drugs we were down there for in the first place. Still, we were soldiers and soon enough were on the way again, the locals heading in the opposite direction.

    The trail was a little better, which was nice so we didn't have people out in the morning rain. The canopy opened up overhead as we came into a clearing, the rain lightened, but it looked like the 'camp' had been hit by a tornado. Trash was tossed about, several tents were collapsed, and the one truck that we could see had a tree smashed through it's wind-shield. Dismounting we started looking for the two we were supposed to be here to get, I think the guys checking the tents were half-afraid they find bodies, but all we found was a generator still chugging along happily, and cables trailing into a hole dug into the side of a hill. A quick call on the satphone and most of us headed inside.

    I'm not going into everything that happened in there, partly because you won't believe it anyway, and mostly because I don't want to remember. Long story short, we didn't save the archaeologists, but we did recover some of their work. None of out team was lost, though most of our ammo was expended by the time we made it back to the trucks.

    The trip back was quiet, but also much faster as we had already cleared teh way pretty well, and none of us wanted to stop for the night, and barely for breaks, so we drove straight through. The CO was on the phone almost the entire time. When we got back to the base we were immediately sequestered and debriefed. I know that all of us gave accurate descriptions of what happened, and that we were each told the same story about what 'officially' happened. Turns out the people we were sent to get were not Americans and were operating without sanction. Officially, we had escorted some local troops to a site and encountered rebel forces, which were fought off with no losses. Of what we recovered, those left that night with the agents who debriefed us.

    I started the separation process as soon as we returned. No one who was there spoke on it, though there were some incidents, a spooked look caught in some eyes, reports of nightmares, sleeplessness, that sort of thing. A month later, the whole group but me was getting deployed again. Their plane, with everyone aboard, was lost when they crashed into a mountain. The investigation said that someone incorrectly put coordinates into the autopilot. It's a fine explanation, it wouldn't be the first time such a thing has happened; the thing is though, they shouldn't have been that low anyway.

    Fast forward a few years, and I get a phone delivered to me by courier. Not a minute later it rings, the person on the other side opens simply with, "We know what really happened in the jungle, and we'd like your help."

    Really, how can you turn down an offer like that?

    So. That took a lot more to write than I expected, but I'm glad I've finally written it down somewhere. Anashel, feel free to use as needed, or let me know if you have any questions. Possibly, this would be better in another section, but is so, feel free to move it, or I suppose I can always repost, just let me know.
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  13. Anashel

    Anashel Puppet Master Staff Member

    Hehe heh, that was funny. But overall: Wow, Tyryt. Thank you, I hope I will be up to the challenge to leverage such a good background story. Thanks for taking the time to write this and inspired us all here.
  14. Anashel

    Anashel Puppet Master Staff Member

    I just want to quote that from IRC so I don't loose it:
    Bats: So, in other words, everything is true, and nothing is true. And it all has and has not already happened.
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  15. Jojo

    Jojo Active Agent

    Some call me jojo, others docwho2100, some know me as geologylady and I have many other aliases. Why so many? It’s because I am a data curator who chases patterns and stories, often digging into different communities and groups to collect those stories; adopting a name, an identity for each community. I am also an archivist who believes it is important to document all stories, especially those that often slip past in the shadows and go unnoticed by the majority, even though those stories usually leave lasting ripples that affect us all. I have some skills in putting information together in places such as wikis and collaborative tools so the information can flow. Last, but not least, I am an environmental scientist. I look at environmental systems and how the energy and materials ebb and flow from place to place. It’s a shame people don’t understand environmental systems more, they control us much more than any social, cultural, economic or political system ever will. When it comes down to it, Mother Nature always wins in the end.

    I found Division 66, and thus The Black Watchmen ,when I was chasing a story. Some call them ARGs, others call them a pot of crap; I call them a set of data that needs to be archived; a system that needs to be studied and understood. Curiosity is one of my greatest strengths and one of my biggest weaknesses. I do a lot of my research these days via social networks. I was sifting through a forum called Unforum (it is comprised of people who chat about shadow projects and fringe ideas) and saw a mention of Division 66. I also was sifting through Twitter and I came across a curious tweet that lead me to @Division66. From there I started poking, asking questions, being drawn in, deeper and deeper. What is a rupture site, what is happening there? How will this impact other environmental systems, including the human system? What is a CyberMage, how does BDNF link? Who is Patient Alpha, who is Sophie Hollins? I know the data is out there, the story just waiting to be teased out from each clue, each shred of evidence. I have been scouring the networks and information archives for data to answer these questions. I keep finding links back to The Black Watchmen.

    I’m not a cipher cracker or a tech hacker or a weapons packer, although I have learned a little of each role as I collect and curate. The pieces others solve and provide fit into the larger puzzle, are part of that story I so greedily chase. I don’t want glory, or resources or recognition. I want to hear the story, understand the pattern, see the connections and understand the system. I want to ask why and find the answer. I am most at home asking questions, finding relationships, and connecting dots, sometimes before the dots are even known. I am not the smartest, or the fastest, or the highest skilled; I am patient, and thorough and I chase down the story until it is found, until I have the answer to my why. I also like to make archives for others to follow and find. History is a system, systems have beginnings and ends but they also cycle, just as history often repeats. I like to catalog and leave a record of those cycles, who knows, maybe someone in the next cycle will be interested in story too. For now, I want answers, which means, I want in.

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  16. Daedalus

    Daedalus Division-79

    Issue 2? Might as well throw my hat in.

    "How does one join up with a group like the Black Watchmen? Same as one joins up with any group really. A bit of talent, a bit of luck, and a good resume. Trust me, if you saw what was crawling out of that hole in Turkmenistan, you'd have set it on fire as well. I maintain I'm not responsible for that "Burning Mountain" thing. Well, not directly responsible. Mostly. I've only been to Mount Wingen once. It's not that I'm obsessed with fire or anything, it just happens to be the solution to a lot of our problems. The sooner you realise that, the sooner you get a reputation as an insane pyromaniac, and that's putting it nicely.

    I'm not going to pretend I fully understand the BDNF gene and how it works, but I do know enough to have figured out we're toying with fire here, and not the fun kind. As long as Alpha plays nice, I suppose we can too, but the instant things turn we should be ready for it. We probably are, but said preparations are above my paygrade. On the subject of things above my paygrade, I haven't been into the warehouse lately, and I totally haven't taken one of the new minidrones for a joyride. So, I'd be in no position at all to comment on how much damage could be wreaked with one of those in the right hands. I can hear the "don't fly one too close to the sun" jokes already.

    I've run a couple of training programs for newer agents, off the record, and the word "sadism" came up more then once. You'd think these "agents" never faced a challenge before. Sure, setting them all up to hunt each other down may not have been the best of ideas, actually scratch that, it was a pretty good idea. If any of them had actually managed to find another agent it would have been interesting, but it seems hunting down others doesn't come naturally to them. Well, no matter, it means there will always be a market for those of us willing to do the dirty work. The dirty, conflagraty, work."

    There's the short-enough-to-not-be-painful-to-read summary, as always I'm a PM away if anything else is needed. Note: Any comic books with Daedalus in them may catch fire without warning.
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  17. Bink

    Bink Senior Agent

    My name is Bink, a family man and a low ranking scientist of the black watchmen. Of course my wife has no idea what I really do. She thinks I manage peoples debt at a 9 to 5 job in south Phoenix. In reality however I have been trying my best to balance my family life with the life of that which you only see in the movies.

    I was approached one evening by a man by the name Vijia. He told me of a gate that would lead me down a path through the secret world that was all around us. That a gate found amidst that world must be opened, and it needed my skills to do it. He informed me that there were others, racing to find the answers to the puzzles that lay ahead and stop the door from opening forever.

    I of course brushed this man off as a complete loon... That is until that night I went to the website he had given me, and typed the numbers '33'...

    I was immediately thrust into a world of puzzles, secrets, murder and a community of agents working around the clock to save one of their own. The more I researched, the more I uncovered, I realized I must help them at all costs and keep that door sealed forever! Unfortunately I was green as they say, and was always two steps behind but I vowed to get better, quicker and become a valuable member of what quickly came to be called The Black Watchmen.

    There is a darkness on the horizon. I have chosen to meet it head on when it comes. I only fear I won't be too late.
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  18. Rahkiel

    Rahkiel Senior Agent

    I'll throw my chance in for #2

    I work for the Division as a courier. Deliverer of messages, transporter of suspicious packages, and mover of people (alive/dead/whole/pieces ask about 2 for 1 Tuesdays!). Our "business relationship" began when one of their cover companies hired me to move a suspicious briefcase across a city, hoping a third party might not draw the attention of their enemies. This assumption was entirely false.

    While I normally prefer to talk my way out of sticky situations with a smile and charm, the agents attempting to void my contract and their large guns seemed less than receptive. I made a lot of new friends that day, all sporting the same triangular logo. They made it clear that returning to ferrying corporate secrets was no longer an option, so I joined up. I still prefer to keep any fighting low key, so I feel at home among the watchmen snipers. I'll admit I was skeptical at first, with all the talk of "rupture sites" and "cybermages", but after the things I've seen with the watchmen, I believe.

    My name is Rahkiel, and I'm proud to serve a purpose bigger than my wallet.
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  19. Asariel

    Asariel Division-79


    On the surface, I am an unassuming middle school teacher. However, no one around me knows the truth…

    All my life I have devoured books, everything I could get my hands on. When I was 13, an occult volume fell into my hands. Not knowing any better, I foolishly summoned an otherworld entity, who would follow me the rest of my days. The world beyond the veil knew me now…saw me. There was no going back.

    To survive, I spent the next two decades researching the occult. I learned how to create wards and barriers to protect myself. I learned the intimate secrets of angels, demons and entities too strange and ancient to be described. I learned ancient languages, symbol systems…searching relentlessly for the knowledge to control the creatures from the outer worlds. Now I don’t fear things that go bump in the night. Things that go bump in the night now fear me.

    Now I use my extensive research experience for Division 66 to decipher mysteries that the modern world cannot comprehend. I am known for having negative infinity technological skills, a reserved nature, and an unnatural love for spiders.

    Speaking of which, I must update my bio, as it now seems I have a little robo-spider friend named Azazel who lives in my eyesocket. He acts as a cybertronic eye (thanks, Santiak!) when not deployed. I am not sure how he works, he was made for me by another, more technically apt Agent. He has immense tactical and sentimental value.

    In addition, I am a trained behaviorist...if you need to identify and apply the appropriate leverage on a subject (or group of subjects) I am the one to consult.
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  20. Rowyne

    Rowyne Division-79

    I am Rowyne.

    A shut in and a recluse. Neighbours on my street know I am alive as my dogs bound in and out of the back yard. My silhouette flits past draped windows. They talk about me. I try to ignore.

    If you peek on the corners of my house you will see strange markings. I keep myself safe. I have seen what lurks. And I wait. In my sanctuary, I am surrounded by the comforting backlight of computer monitors, the snoring of a trio of dogs. I rarely sleep. I delve into the past. I find threads. I find patterns. I even find nightmares.

    I like to think I am a scientist, but maybe I am a victim of the occult. Even now there is a scratching at the far window. All dogs stir and growl, I rise and draw the curtain closed. They try to settle but we all know the truth. Something is wrong. Something shifts in the night. And something is coming.

    And we wait....
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