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Discussion in 'Dream Discussion' started by Regality, Jun 16, 2016.

  1. Regality

    Regality Active Agent

    Recently, I’ve managed to achieve lucidity more frequently, and I want to start documenting my dreams. The problem is I have trouble remembering and recording them. I’ve found it hard to write on a computer right after waking up - the screen light just jolts me out of my recent dreams. What do other people do?
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  2. NoShitSherlock

    NoShitSherlock Senior Agent

    If you're not claustrophobic, you can try sleeping in a fMRI. Otherwise, the good old pen/paper are your best friends.
  3. slumberjack

    slumberjack Active Agent

    There are two important points here. The first is the ability to remember your dreams which takes time to cultivate. Second to that is getting into the habit of recording them. Although, I find the latter can help the former.

    I agree with Noshi - I keep a notepad and pen by my bed, along with a very weak flashlight. Every time I wake in the night, I turn to my pad, and jot down everything I can for about 2 mins, then go back to sleep. In the morning, I review my notes, which helps spur my memory, and expand then on them. I find that this method works well for me. I do this every morning before I do anything else, and don’t let myself worry about what I have to do that day, or even that morning. It is a nice way to slowly wake up.

    Although the fMRI sounds interesting too!
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  4. ThePurpleOne

    ThePurpleOne Active Agent

    You forget everything you don’t make the effort to remember. It takes time and practice. I agree with slumberjack that you should get up throughout the night, to record dreams one at a time, rather than all at once when you wake up in the morning. If you were lucid before you woke up, try to focus on the moment of awakening. Then track the decisions you made.

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