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    I'm going to be working on a series of recruiting puzzles, the first of which @Balamung and I will be using at PAX East this March. We've decided to create a pseudo-division for the production and distribution of these types of mini puzzle hunts designed to recruit agents, named ASCENT: Asset Seeking, Contact, Enrollment, and Networking Team. The idea is that ASCENT finds agents with interests matching working with the Watchmen using these recruiting puzzles, then introduces them into the agency proper once they've solved it and proven they are willing to go that distance. I'll update more once we have actual mini puzzles to solve :)
  2. codex-13

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    Update: I'm going to be using a lot of the stuff from Agent MidDipper's Recruitment Puzzle, and will probably design a new card for it. A second puzzle is forming in my head but I'm not sure if I will have time to design and build it before PAX.
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    New update: operation EASTWHISPER (a field recruitment campaign for PAX East 2017) is now fully constructed and more or less implemented. Here's the trailhead:

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    since pax east 2017 has ended, i assume ops Eastwind has ended as well?

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