Are There any Patch Notes for Beta 0.10.0?

Discussion in 'Closed Beta' started by mujie, Mar 10, 2018.

  1. mujie

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  2. Anashel

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    Here is an unofficial one :)
    • New rendering engine
      • 4K Native support
      • Improved framerate on mac and low end laptop
      • Streaming Video and Cloud Front support for the asian and russian players
    • First batch of fixes for the Hivemind network
    • Password attack now minimized while processing
    • New Xkeyscore module
      • Complete design overhaul
      • Ability to extract intel and organized them by workspace
      • Ability to zoom / inspect clues
    • SCP and SMB now integrated into one file browser module
  3. CantFindMyKeys

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    Nice update. Some feedback on what I noticed during playing the first mission with the new functionality.

    If I use the command line that is given in the mission i.e. connect scp -t it doesnt work when I use it in the Hydra browser. Is that intentional now this functionality has been integrated in the file browser module?
    Another question I have is regarding the Xkeyscore module. It now takes time before results are analysed. Will there be clues in the mission briefings as to which clues to combine? Brute forcing it takes a lot of time now if there are a lot of components to compare.
    Where are the connections stored from the Xkeyscore analysis? Once I hit the refresh button I cant see the connections anymore. Will it never be required to go back to a previous Xkeyscore hint. Otherwise it would be nice to have these stored somewhere for later reference.

    On a different note. Will it be possible to add more shortcut keys for frequently used modules. Especially the fingerprint module and password attack would be nice to be reach with a shortcut key

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