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Discussion in 'General' started by Zurgathol, Mar 7, 2017.

  1. Zurgathol

    Zurgathol Senior Agent


    Welcome to "So Everyone Thinks You Can Sandbox?"/"Social Engineering Team Youth Candidate Screening" also called the SET:YCS Contest Test.

    Lovent Group is experimenting with a Sandbox Contest where senior Agents who have experience with the motif, essence, and narrative of The Black Watchmen are paired with a group of people who have never played.

    The Groups are made from people either in the Indy game scene, game design classes, or from community hubs that focus on this sort of thing.

    The Agent guides the Group in the creation of a Sandbox Mission, Mentors really, and then the final products are judged by Officials of the Contest. The best missions will win rewards both within the narrative world and in the real world.

    Before we launch an official Contest, we'd like some volunteer Agents to step up and work with a test group. We want to see how this event works micro before macro.

    Please message me at,

    [email protected]

    Zurgathol on the Alternate Reality Games Discord


    Message me here on the forums, but please only post questions in this thread!

    Love Lovent Group...


    P.S. The Agency sees this as both youth recruiting for training simulations/indoctrination, and also Officer Cadet Screening for Senior Agents who show Promise... more awaits then this mere contest I assure you!
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  2. nikel

    nikel Lab 1852 - Neurals

    What's the time frame for this test group? When is the start and finish?
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  3. Zurgathol

    Zurgathol Senior Agent

    Sorry, been sick!

    We have our first set of testers ready, and when we have five sandboxes we'll do a judgement.

    I am guessing it ends when people participate enough that we collect enough data.

    This isn't meant to be stressful or anything, and the level of effort you invest is totally up to you.

    Once we have everyone assigned testers, we can as a group discuss what is a feasible time frame.
  4. [KZK] sammi

    [KZK] sammi Active Agent

    Hey, What ever happened with this? Social engineering was sort of a.. past talent of mine. I didn't see an update, did I miss that? Hope you're feeling better Zurgathol.


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