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  1. codex-13

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    The Andromeda Program is a NITE Team 4 initiative aimed at investigating previous versions of the Stinger OS, our most advanced cyberweapon. The co-creator of the Stinger OS, ex CIA expert Samantha Morris, has turned into a rogue agent and is nowhere to be found. We have discovered suspicious files in the previous versions of the project. Some of them are password protected and we need our best agents to run deep verification tests in the system to crack them open.

    You can access the Andromeda Program terminal here:

    Please feel free to use this thread to discuss the program, look for other agents to collaborate with, and provide hints and nudges within spoiler tags.

    We're also collecting feedback from those who are participating or have participated in the Andromeda Program. You can find the survey here:
    [-click for survey-]
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  2. Androiddd

    Androiddd New Agent

    I'm kinda stuck on r2izp-v1.2.3 I've read all the files but I have no idea where to start looking.
    What I've tried:
    (Just to be sure I've put it in a spoiler tag :p)
    I've tried to run the % of on the other files to see if it correlates with word count, char count etc.

    Also did some math with the % and the word/char count but with no results.

    Tried Googling names (project, people etc.) & the dispositional theory (since I'm not really familiar with it and wanted to learn more)

    Also found 3 words that are incorrectly spelled on purpose but didn't find a way to use that yet.

    Can anyone push me in the direction I have to be searching?
  3. insert

    insert New Agent

    not sure how to hide text on here but below is my actions so far.

    I researched the dispositional theory and I am pretty sure that is a key, seems like Sam wants to modify the OS traits (AI). You mentioned misspelled words, what 3? I know Tocsin is a legit word, but Petinat I can't find anywhere. I also can't find anything on the UNGIRT TEST. Only test i found on it was about loyalty, I also thought that was the password because that isn't a trait in the dispositional theory but not sure where to move from there.

    (mod note: added spoiler tags)
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  4. Androiddd

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    Use [ spoiler ] and [ / spoiler ] (without the spaces/blanks) in between the text you want to hide.
    The misspelled words I found where:
    In file

    In file

    I've also search for the ungirt test but didn't find anything.
    Hope we find some lead soon. ;)
  5. SudoNimh

    SudoNimh New Agent

    For those having issues with the UNGIRT test ... I have a hint for you!

    When I did this, I saw petinat and went.. wait a minute... that's misspelled. I then started looking around for other words in that file that could be misspelled. I found 2 more that helped me crack the password!
  6. SudoNimh

    SudoNimh New Agent

    And as a follow up in case people are -really- stuck on that UNGIRT here's more.

    UNGIRT is spelled wrong.

    petinat is the clue that things are misspelled. Aizle is actually Eliza. UNGIRT is actually Turing.

    I've already moved pass that puzzle but if people want more, let me know :)
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  7. Anastas

    Anastas Active Agent

    I'm having trouble with 96PNO-v0.3.3, and given that everyone else only seems to be getting stuck after version 1, I'm starting to worry I'm overthinking it.

    I've pinpointed the coordinates in Log 4 in the Nevada National Security Site where, naturally, nothing is labeled. Since then, I've tried several attempts to get a plausible idea of what facility seems to be centered around the given point with little success, meanwhile the only association I could find between the NNSS, experiments, and June 15th, 2014 is that that's (roughly) when some technicians running radiation tests realized that an improperly-reassembled Godiva device had been pumping out higher-than-intended levels of radiation since it was last experimented with about a month earlier.

    So, in the spirit of figuring things out myself despite asking for help, and assuming that I don't already have the answer but just haven't tried the exactly correct format or name length, I guess I'll try a few rounds of (Hopefully Less Than) Twenty Questions: Am I searching for an Area, facility, experiment, or device?
  8. BPotatoes

    BPotatoes Senior Agent

  9. Aricle

    Aricle New Agent

    Hm... I appear to be stuck on Version 4 (NACR4-V4.2.3).

    I'm e-mailing the given address, but keep being given low priority. I've tried a few different messages, aiming to capture different electrically-relevant keywords from 'emevailouy': "charge", "unstable", "compromises", "environment", "risk", "countless lives"... nothing seems to raise my priority above Low. Am I on the right track, and if so... can anyone suggest where I should be looking?
  10. BPotatoes

    BPotatoes Senior Agent

    Have you brought up the issue mentioned in the memo where you got the email from?
  11. Aricle

    Aricle New Agent

    Thanks for the suggestion... but still seemingly stuck.
    I've mentioned an issue with the "power-up sequence" now, along with other keywords. Doesn't seem to be cutting it?
  12. BPotatoes

    BPotatoes Senior Agent

    Try the name of the company.
  13. codex-13

    codex-13 Senior Agent

    Just a note, for those attempting Version 4 (NACR4-V4.2.3):
    There was an error in the associated Archive file, which I fixed at around 11AM Eastern. If you have the old version, make sure you get the new one. If you want to know what was changed, specifically:
    "Attach Dial 3 to Control Panel 2"
    was meant to say
    "Attach Dial 2 to Control Panel 3"
    Sorry for the typo!
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  14. mipt

    mipt New Agent

    So very stuck with ejhpr-v2.2.3... any nudges, please? :(
  15. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    regarding EJHPR-v2.2.3
    isnt it weird that theres a file mentioning two names that arent related two the blackwatchmen at all; find out who they are
    the numbers.. look weird.. (and i dont mean the phone number)
  16. mipt

    mipt New Agent

    Aha. Finally got it. Thank you!
  17. Brea

    Brea New Agent

    Could I get some help on v3.2.3?
  18. Enix

    Enix Active Agent

    I managed to follow up on the intel provided by Zaelong regarding v2.2.3, confirming that I have been on the right track. The intel provided can be interpreted in multiple ways, because
    different things happened at the provided intel

    Requiring clarification to narrow the search.
  19. Wo1fsBan3

    Wo1fsBan3 Senior Agent

    Realistic clue
    The first attempt at the program was in 1959. It was a failure. The first success is given to you

    Stupid riddle clue that I like (not meant to be taken literally)
    It is the crowning glory of the Spanish.
    Me entiendes?
  20. PelicanMaster

    PelicanMaster Active Agent

    Here is where I am

    Found 'Patient' 'Eliza' 'Turing' right away, but I'm stuck where to go with this, and this is a recurring issue for me lol. I find the hidden information, but come up short in figuring out what the answer should be. I find most often I am overthinking it. I've tried those three words as the password with no luck. I've googled, and found tons of information concerning it, but I don't see any indication as to what I'm looking for exactly.

    Would appreciate nudge!

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