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Discussion in 'Archived Missions' started by ScapeZero, Mar 6, 2015.

  1. ScapeZero

    ScapeZero Senior Agent

    So I have been informed that I am in possession of a document that contains information people are seeking. So, with out further ado...


    The document is from PAX East, there may be more, I know there is another one of the same out there. This information doesn't currently mean much to me, but I'm told people here will find it very useful.

    ScapeZero went to the location hinted above and found a QR code linking to the intel report:

    The Intel Report uses EST, so it is assumed that the time mentioned in the Intel Report - regarding the next location - also pertains to EST.
    I.e. 7th of March @ 6:30 P.M. EST // 8th of March @ 00:30 A.M. CET.

    Based on the conversation above, the current line of thought is that it may refer to a hotel (concierge), something related to the Renaissance (neo-noble), and something at the waterfront (Bordeaux).

    3 Hotels have been checked thus far, all coming out negative.
    1 Hotel remains:

    HQ has requested that we attempt to verify the identity of WC_4515.
    While it's assumed that WC_4515 may be Whitechapel, it has yet to be confirmed.

    Additional Notes/Unused information:

    • The title of the Intel Report: 72673
    • The redacted line from same: "Account tracked to subject’s office IP in Downtown Boston."
    • In relation to the above, the IP of WC_4515, located by multiple Agents to originate from Lynn, MA. Pin-pointed by Momentary:
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  2. riningear

    riningear Division-79

    (So assume that the following is to anyone who has received this letter!)

    Hey! Welcome to The Black Watchmen, firstly, and congrats on (assumedly?) solving a puzzle. I'm one of the agents who's really, really bummed that they couldn't make it out there.

    So. This is looking like SERIOUSLY important stuff. And I absolutely promise you -- I'm not just saying that. Those of us that got physical Kickstarter prizes from TBW's campaign a few months ago are currently acquiring pieces (literally pieces) of the letter from last week mentioned in the document you have here.

    Long story short, we have our eyes on the Rosenberg Clinic, and intercepting the document might give us a lot of information that will be essential to understanding what's been going on -- and what we need to expect in the future.

    Unfortunately, nearly none our most highly-active agents could actually make it out there. (I had a pretty intense bargaining stage myself this morning about not making it out there to PAX East because of the potential of something like this.)

    Therefore, it seems like it's up to you and any other agents who have retrieved this information to intercept the documents mentioned in this... other document.

    If you'd like (and I'm going to absolutely insist) there's always at least one or two people hanging out in the semi-official IRC (freenode, channel #division66, accessible by the little orange box floating on this forum). We'd love to have you drop by and give us status reports, and we're always up to no-good shenanigans. And I swear we're nice.

    Good luck!
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  3. ScapeZero

    ScapeZero Senior Agent

    You assume correctly. I was the first person to solve both puzzles, solving the first awarded me the document, solving the second awarded me the dog tags.

    I'm not too sure of the condition that must be met in order to get a document (I got it from being the first, for the people who solved the first one after me, only one was given a document, which was just the same thing I posted here). I'm going to assume they will just try and spread out a handful of these documents throughout the weekend to people who open the first, in hopes that at least one of us comes here to post about it, so I wouldn't expect any of them to be different from mine, but who knows.

    It's too bad you guys couldn't make it out. The booth is a blast, and the dev team are all great fun. Since you guys can't see it from yourself, I will try and explain everything in the best detail I can. I don't think you are missing out on anything involved with the ARG, but just in case. The booth consists of one TV playing a video in a loop, which I'm guessing is just a trailer, yet there could be things hidden in there. I didn't pay much attention to the video, but there are scenes of fire trucks in front of a building, a scene with dead people being examined in a room with concrete walls, a scene of I think a dead girl in the woods, and the rest is mostly just scenes of the companion app to the ARG. There could be more information about the mission in those scenes in the trailer (as a dev mentioned something about a hint to the puzzles in the video, but he was talking to someone else, and its a loud convention center, so I wasn't paying full attention to the conversation). If there is any specific information you think that could be in that trailer that you need, let me know. Ill try and get a full recording of it, and pay more attention to it, but I think its just a trailer.

    For the puzzles, they were two briefcases. Each required a 6 digit code to open them, and the only hints of the code were basically riddles. In side the case was a card granting you access to Black Watchmen events. Thinking back, there could have been something more hidden in the pockets, but again, I don't think so. Other than the document I've posted, I'm fairly sure the booth is just designed to get people interested in the game.

    But yeah, I plan to stick around! I had a bunch of fun hanging out with the dev team after solving the puzzle, and the whole concept of this game is right up my ally. I was given a business card, and wrote down what I was going to make my username, so I'm fairly certain the dev team is excited to have me on board as well. Over the next two days I'm not going to have much time to dig too deep into things, so don't expect to see too much of me until Monday (even more so since its impossible to get reliable internet in a place with that much traffic), but I have no problems with being your eyes in the field. If you think there is something else I can help you guys out with, feel free to let me know. Like I said, I don't think the booth has anything else to do with the game, but I'll be there all weekend. While at PAX I'll attempt to check out this thread and see if I can help out with anything, but the data connection is pretty bad there.

    I'm excited be here! Hopefully I'll get to know you all better soon!
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  4. Khalm

    Khalm Gold Member

    Good work and welcome aboard
  5. ScapeZero

    ScapeZero Senior Agent

    Thank you!
  6. Zerosh

    Zerosh Sleeper Agent

    "An intel report on Subject #SQ792K is available to all active agents. It can be found at the red cross of the 4/7 shelter westbound on Summer at WTC."
    I understand that this is a riddle for all of us (not only the people at PAX). Moreover, I'd say that 5(a) is a mission for those at PAX/Boston and that 5(b) is a mission for those with a stable enough internet connection :p
    But, as usual, it may be my imagination.

    P.D.: Welcome to the Asylum @ScapeZero :)
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  7. nikel

    nikel Lab 1852 - Neurals

    Well, if any PAX goers or locals would like to investigate the following location and report back if they find anything, I have an idea of where the mentioned location is.

    Welcome aboard agent. Always good to have new people. Come by the IRC when you can.
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  8. Zerosh

    Zerosh Sleeper Agent

    Yes, that'd be great ^^
    And that's it, good job @nikel
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  9. dancingtheghost

    dancingtheghost Gold Member

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  10. Mechcondrid

    Mechcondrid Senior Agent

    Btw on that trailer I had seen a "snap frame" as i call them.
    They were used frequently in the trailers and pseudo arg for the defiance video game;
    In the trailer on the scene that looks like a security camera crt grid when the person was starting to walk into a room about 4 or 5 crts up from the bottom flashes with about 3 or so flash frames of a yellow background with slightly cut off text, much like how the old 18mm reels at the end or beginning would have those seemingly random letters and numbers fly by.
    I have a 16 mp digital camera with me I will do a 1080p video of the trailer tomorrow.
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  11. MERCury

    MERCury Senior Agent

    Great news and welcome aboard.
    What strikes me is that Div-66 calls one of the missing Rosenberg stuff "one of our assets". Does this relate to Vanessa?

    Otherwise Bostonians get out and bring us that intel doc.
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  12. riningear

    riningear Division-79

    Oh! So if you plan on getting the Intel, this is only an interception - just snap what you can and leave it so we don't arouse any suspicion~
  13. ScapeZero

    ScapeZero Senior Agent

    Want me to check out the bus stop or the street? I walk down that street on the way there, I just don't know what I would be looking for, but show me an area, and I'll check it out for you.

    Edit: Oh yeah, and for those who dont know, there is about 5-7 feet of snow in MA right now. If you think an area is interesting, I have no problem checking it out, just know that some areas might be covered under a mountain of snow.
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  14. nikel

    nikel Lab 1852 - Neurals

    The note said the shelter. No guarantees that I'm right, but it's just the location that best fits the message that I could find.
  15. Santiak

    Santiak MIA

    Much appreciated if you would ^^
    In regards to what to look for, I'd say keep an eye out for any red crosses on or near the shelters. :)
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  16. ScapeZero

    ScapeZero Senior Agent

    Okay, I'll be there in maybe a couple hours. I'll hit up that location with my friend before we go into PAX, I'll try and find anything I can.

    For these documents found in the wild, is there anything that makes them easy to identify? The one I got from PAX has the logo on it, should I be looking for something like that?
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  17. nikel

    nikel Lab 1852 - Neurals

    Well, it's an intel report from our side, so it may have a logo. If it references Winston Chandler [subject #SQ972K] then you know it's for us
  18. ScapeZero

    ScapeZero Senior Agent

    Okay, I'll see what I can find. I should get there around 8~ I'll try to update the thread once I get there, but if the internet is as bad as was yesterday, I might not be able to until me and my friends go out to lunch and I connect to a different cellphone tower.

    Edit: If any PAX goers get there first, please update the thread so I don't waste too much of my friends time :p
  19. MERCury

    MERCury Senior Agent

    Thumbs up Scape! It might also be a QR code or URL that is hidden there. Keep your eyes open and be sure that you are the most important person for the next few hours for many of us ;)
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  20. ScapeZero

    ScapeZero Senior Agent

    Okay cool, heading to the train station now, I'll be there in about an hour :)
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