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Discussion in 'General' started by Anashel, Feb 13, 2015.

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  1. Anashel

    Anashel Puppet Master Staff Member

    There we go, version 2.0.5!
    PC :
    MAC :

    2.0.5 Hotfixes
    • Fix the sphere rotation issue
    • Replace Agents Online by Agents Enlisted (total active agent)
    • Replace Access Granted in a puzzle by Enter the code
    • When playing the video on the dashboard, register the play so it won't display again when you open the mission for the first time
    • Add a skip button to the video briefing
    • Fix the Submit button in the journal
    • Add a placeholder when loading a video
    • Fix the audio glitch when we replay a video
    • Fix the UTC clock text
    • Add a 'Welcome post' when the journal is empty
    • Add a skip video button
    • Integration of Amazon CloudFront for the video stream

    2.0.4 Updates

    • New dashboard in the mission hub giving a glance of what's going on
    • New journal to log your notes and progressions
    • New soundtracks
    • New audio effects (disable by default, enable them in the option tab)
    • New video briefing and debriefing for mission
    • Fix: Music should now turn off properly

    2.0.3 Hotfixes

    • Remove the Upper Case formatting for the text clue
    • Add a "Copy Text button" for the text clue
    • Add a "Open in browser button" for the picture clue
    • Change the font format in the text clue
    • Submit a form when we hit enter
    • Fix the formatting for a line break (/n/r)
    • Fix the formatting for \ and "
    • Add a preview of the picture clue in the CMS
    • Add a user token system in the CMS (basic version for now)
    • Fix the size problem of the answer in the game client and add a limitation of character in the CMS
    • Don't replace special character by X in the clues hint (Example: /)
    • Fix the limitation of maximum 3 missions in the json string
    • If the picture take a longer time to display, don't show previous picture as a place holder
    • Keep the game window open when in background instead of minimizing
    • Add a Replay Mission button in the game client so we don't have to reset everyone. =)
    • New login screen with official theme song

    2.0.2 Updates

    • Mission hub is now connected with our CMS. (Content Management System) This enable us to create mission and have them in-game without creating a new executable. (Section 1.1 to 1.5 from the dev roadmap)
    • 3 community missions and one div 66 mission to play with! These mission are just to test the CMS, they are not actual mission from the game.
    • New map engine: We changed the map engine to be native unity code.
    • The in-game browser plugin is now optional, a good news for anyone who had some problem with it. The default setting can be changed so the game will use your native browser. (Hit ESC to change the setting)

    Don't forget, it's still an ALPHA version! =)
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  2. MERCury

    MERCury Senior Agent

    You seem to have a run ;) Things are evolving. Thrilling....
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  3. riningear

    riningear Division-79

    This music makes me want to just leave the client open all day.
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  4. Bats

    Bats Division 93: Covert Grammatical Ops Battalion

    • Allow Esc or Space to skip startup movie
    • Retain settings across sessions and, where applicable, across versions
    • Only play "Welcome Agent" greeting on login, not every time the mission hub is activated (or, better still, add a third toggle to Settings to mute voice prompts)
    • Have Esc close UI "window" elements, rather than requiring a click on the X. When the windows are closed, it can revert to its current setup menu functionality (or Settings could be given a UI button of its own somewhere).
    • In cases where the audio/video isn't specifically essential to the puzzle, making the full text of mission briefings/debriefings available in the UI would be convenient. Having to start up the video and play it through from the beginning any time I want to refer back to something that was said gets frustrating quickly - especially given the lack of pause/rewind/fast-forward controls.
    • Not as a substitute for the briefing text, but captions might not be a bad addition either - I know we have at least a few players who're more comfortable with written than spoken English, and it could make for easier localization later.
    • It would be convenient if the star button on the bottom toolbar would still link back to the dashboard when you're in the deeper levels under it, like the journal or missions.

    • Inconsistent/confusing navigation in the mission hub - specifically involving the underlined Dashboard / Mission / Investigation links at the top of the screen. It's possible to use these to navigate sometimes, and in some directions, but not consistently. Example: Clicking on the "Dashboard" link from the "Alpha Research" mission list will take you to the dashboard as expected, but then clicking on "Mission" from the dashboard does nothing rather than bringing you back. Instead you have to click the less-than-intuitive "Research History" down at the bottom right.
    • Similarly, while it does specifically read "Back to Dashboard", a "back" link is generally used to return you to the page/location you came from. From the mission list the current functionality makes sense, but from within a mission it would be both more useful and more intuitive to have a "back" button that, instead of sending you all the way back to the dashboard, would return you to the previous level of navigation (i.e. from "Enter the Code" back to the sphere, from the sphere back to the mission list, and from the mission list to the dashboard).
    • I still find having a map on one button and a globe icon on a button that isn't the map confusing - or at least markedly counterintuitive.
    • Missions that I haven't started show up as "1% Completed" rather than 0%.

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  5. Anashel

    Anashel Puppet Master Staff Member

    Hey Bats, thanks for the feedback! For the mission, you get 1% when you start the video briefing.
  6. Bats

    Bats Division 93: Covert Grammatical Ops Battalion

    Ahhh... that makes sense. I had a class like that in high school. I think I got a 1% for the last semester because one day I thought about actually showing up.

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  7. Karades

    Karades Senior Agent

    I was waiting for this :D
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  8. Asariel

    Asariel Division-79

    So far, I am loving 2.0.5. The interface is clean and easy to navigate, and the journal tool is lovely. The client seems to be working seamlessly for me so far. I even like the little segue sounds as you click from one thing to another.

    I still can't copy directly to clipboard, is my only mild annoyance.
    On my wishlist is the ability to r click and save the image files to an external location from inside the client. Not a big deal, but just something I would like.
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  9. Rohva

    Rohva Gold Member

    Anybody notice significant differences between the graphics settings? I noticed that Fastest draws more CPU cycles than Fantastic on the Mission Hub screen. This seemed counterintuitive to me. The mission hub in Fastest, Fast and Simple all generally consume between 16% and 18% of CPU time on my system. Good, Beautiful and Fastest draw from 1% to 4%. I don't see significant variations on the other screens. I did not think to check this until this version, so I don't know if it is a new development. It doesn't matter if I am in the journal, in the main hub or in a mission. I am suspecting the double helix is the culprit.
  10. The Silence

    The Silence Active Agent

    Agent The Silence, Reporting In, having trouble signing in as it says my account could not be found
    Assistant required, over and out
  11. Santiak

    Santiak MIA

    Client and Forum accounts are separate, so you'll have to create a new account for the client. :)

    Keep in mind that the client uses PlayFab, in which case you might have a pre-existing account (for example if you played "Planetary Annihilation" or "Loadout", which also uses the service - some mobile games also uses the service). It is, however, not possible to use pre-existing accounts, as they're not registered with the game client.

    If you do get an error when trying to make a new account, you have to options:

    1. Try using a different e-mail.
    2. Log in to PlayFabs account management with the account you used there, and you should be able to change the email address of that account, and free it up to create a TBW account with it.
      • Be aware that the normal login for PlayFab found on their site, is for developers, you'll have to use this link to get to the "users" login - although the link seems dead at the moment, for some reason. :S
  12. Karades

    Karades Senior Agent

    After testing this alpha i must say that i really liked that mission interface - code, hints - i didnt even imagine, that arg can be made like this , BIG + for creators
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  13. Asariel

    Asariel Division-79

    I haven't..I play on Fantastic and have had no issues.
  14. Zerosh

    Zerosh Sleeper Agent

    The level of awesomess of the client is escalating quickly :D
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  15. Bats

    Bats Division 93: Covert Grammatical Ops Battalion

    I hadn't noticed it before, but yes, I'm seeing the same thing. On Fantastic the process is usually running around 7-8% CPU, while on Fastest it jumps up to 17-19% (I haven't experimented with the intermediate settings). GPU usage also seems to be a bit higher - or at least consistently higher. Fantastic usually peaks/plateaus around 20-25% GPU with a lot of drops down into the 3-5% range, while Fastest stays relatively steady between 20-30%.

    Interestingly enough, Fastest does result in significantly higher framerates to go along with the increased power draw - it hovers around 115-125fps, while Fantastic appears to be capped at 60fps - so I suspect it's the higher cap/lack of a cap that's the culprit. Still, definitely not what I usually expect when I see "Fastest" under graphics settings.

  16. Bats

    Bats Division 93: Covert Grammatical Ops Battalion

    I'm not having issues running it - I don't think Rohva is either, given the usage numbers quoted. It's just that the options that one would presumably tend towards using for a low-spec PC seem to be far more demanding than those one leans towards with some behemoth of a powerhouse gaming PC.

  17. Asariel

    Asariel Division-79

    Ahhh, I see.
  18. Rohva

    Rohva Gold Member

    Correct. I do not have any issues playing the game client on my normal desktop at any graphics mode. In fact I cannot see any visual differences between any of them. It is only when I check CPU performance that I notice the "less intensive" modes seem to draw more CPU power.

    I was trying to find a way to run the client in a VM in a way that didn’t suck too much, and I was just using my desktop as a benchmark. I tried a number of VMs on AWS and Azure, but the client almost always drew 85%+ CPU time regardless of the graphics mode and was virtually unusable. The one exception was an AWS g2.2xlarge AMI which leverages GPUs. With that VM the CPU performance came down to 60% at times and the client performance was barely tolerable. That is not in my price range, however, so I killed that VM after my tests.

    I thought maybe it was the RDP protocol that was a fault, so I tried remoting into an older desktop. It uses a Nvidia GX260 graphics card which does not properly render all game graphics (the spinning globe on the mission tab is just a solid pink dodecahedron for example even at fastest mode), but the game client performance was otherwise quite good even in the RDP session. I’ll go with that for the time being.
  19. Skye Myris

    Skye Myris Active Agent

    Just downloaded the latest client; it won't let me create an account. Whenever I click "register" after inputting my information it says "Connecting" and the triangle loading symbol appears, but nothing happens. I've tried several times. I even tried logging in with the account I made my membership purchase on--no dice. It gives me an "Unknown error". Anyone know how to fix this?
  20. Santiak

    Santiak MIA

    Just tried creating a dummy account in case it was a client issue, but unfortunately, I encountered no issues.
    There are, however, a few other things you can check:

    1. Make sure you're using the newest client (2.0.5)
    2. Make sure you're not using an e-mail already registered with PlayFab
      • If you've played "Planetary Annihilation" or "Loadout", among others, chances are high that you'll already have an account with playfab using that e-mail.
    3. And of course the oldie but goodie; make sure no firewall is blocking the client.

    For the 2nd issue, you'll need to either create an account in the client using a different e-mail, or you'll need to log in to your playfab account via their user login (not developer, be sure to check the URL), and try to login using your regular email (if you registered via another game, the login information should be the same as for that game) - the link I had for their user login is currently down, unfortunately, so I can't direct you exactly to where you need to go.
    Obviously the former is the easiest, but if you're set on using a specific email, you might need to alter the pre-existing PlayFab account.

    Also note that the client account is not connnected to your forum account, or any other account you've used in conjunction with The Black Watchmen up until now. :)
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