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Discussion in 'Previous builds' started by Kakuzen, May 8, 2017.

  1. Kakuzen

    Kakuzen Gold Member

    Didn't see a thread on this yet, so I am gonna make one now. Gonna post a bug I found now. Spoilering it just in case no one did the missions yet.

    Mission: Quantum Leap
    Issue: I went to do a portscan on all the IPs in the - range while looking for a vulnerability. Unfortunately I found that port 631 on the domain listed used the technology IPP/CUPS protocol (print server?), but when I tried to use foxacid on it, it says this:
  2. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    im not sure if this is a new bug, but when im trading in the hivemind network for the intel on the "thylacine Nursery report" or "Alpha Centauri IRM response soundfile" it executes the trade, but it wont load these items in my inventory, making it 'impossible' for me to get the "List of Grisha's phobia's" and the "Arkham Asylum Soap Note 1941"

    i also have to re-open the hvm module before it shows that ive got the new intel (it wont mark them until the module is reopened); i recall this being done instantly in 0.6 at anashel.hvm
  3. Seshemw

    Seshemw Active Agent

    Issue: HVM exploitation, sfuzzer appears to freeze for internal scans.

    Working on one of the apparently added HVM nodes. Trying to find out if the behavior of one of the tools is planned, or weird. 1 second into sfuzzer, after returning a single hostname, it appears to freeze (bar animation stops, countdown timer stops).
    sfuzzer-freeze.jpg from the historiaexaltterminus.hvm (Securia
    Let me know if that image can't be used. I started out with a long -t, and drew it down to 10 seconds with the same results. I was connected to the already-exploited (from v.6) entry in C2 for the HVM node if it matters. This issue does not happen when, as an example, performing the same action against
    Note: This did not prevent me from finishing the HVM node and executing a trade.
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  4. Seshemw

    Seshemw Active Agent

    D'oh. Purging entry since it is in fact user error. Was formerly about mss and another.
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  5. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    thats not a bug
    its just a "secure" network
    try tbw instead of
  6. Seshemw

    Seshemw Active Agent

    Collapsing this whole thing, and asking: is it WAI that many of the HVM nodes share user information? Or do these people actually really get around that much?

    Also confirming that there are other reports that fail to down load (the alpha centauri one, for instance) beyond the thylacine report. Never shows in inventory, doesn't refresh even if you close and reopen the Hivemind trading interface.
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  7. Code

    Code Active Agent

    This issue was previously reported in Alpha 0.5:
  8. Code

    Code Active Agent

    Node spacing in HVM makes certain nodes appear at the very edge of the map at 0° and 360°. Rotating the map still leaves these additional nodes hard to get. I am on 1600x1040 windowed.

    Going forward it would probably be a good idea to ditch the degree bar at the bottom and allow the globe to be free dragged.

    Another bug in HVM (no screenshot provided) is when you start your triangulation scan on a HVM node, there doesn't appear to be a way to cancel the triangulation and you have to switch to Hidden Layer 4 then back to Public Layer 1 to clear the triangulation scan and go back to the node menu.
  9. Code

    Code Active Agent

    Inputting too many characters into any command line will cause two issues. First, the extra characters on each line will hide underneath the scroll bar. Second, after going past the second input line your cursor will jump to the middle of the second line even though you can continue inputting more characters.

  10. Code

    Code Active Agent

    Launching Phone CID Backdoor module does not have any voiceline from F.A.Y unlike all the other modules. "<Module name here> module initiated!"
  11. Jimbo9

    Jimbo9 Special Agent

    So, I have found a bit more complicated bug with Password Attack Module - Prince config specifically. The steps how to replicate are:
    1. Launch Password attack, run it with some parameters for some user
    2. "Reload" the module by clicking the refresh icon
    3. Input new data for another user
    4. Try to input parameters for prince config - they are not registered as valid
    It seems this does not happen all the time, but quite often for me...

    Here's a screenshot - to the left is a "reloaded" terminal, to the right is a freshly opened one:

  12. Orion

    Orion Active Agent

    Welp, you just answered my question as to why
    Alex Morrow's first name wasn't registering as correct for me in the variables, was using "Alex".
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  13. Jimbo9

    Jimbo9 Special Agent

    Sorry if I'm being duplicate:
    - After trading, I can see both my offered intel and gained intel in the inventory
    - The nodes that got added in 0.7 were showing no triangles for me in the first phase, so I was not able to triangulate them (restart of the game helped)
    - When I get to trading channel for the new nodes, it is marked with orange on the hivemind map and counts as hacked, while anashel.hvm is still white (guess this is a leftover from last alpha)
    - When doing internal hacking of sanctuaryofsecrets.hvm, I got to the guy's phone (launched phone CID backdoor), but it is not registered in the drone feed window (restarting the game didn't help)
    - When Agent Profile is opened on top of Hivemind overlay, you can click through the Agent Profile and interact with hivemind
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  14. Code

    Code Active Agent

    Pretty simple bug (more like just a feature that hasn't been added yet): the Insert button doesn't work and you can't switch between actually inserting a character and overwriting characters like a normal command shell would allow you to do. The game is always in Insert mode.
  15. Dalamus

    Dalamus Active Agent

    I think it was mentioned briefly but there's a bug with two of the items (as far as I know as of 25/05). The items are:
    • Thylacine Nursery Report
      Appears in inventory but cannot use to trade for other items.
    • Alpha Centauri IRM Response Soundfile
      Does not appear in inventory at all despite trading for other items.

    It's not that important but I thought I would just make it known ;-;
  16. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    i wanna add the "arkham Asylum SOAP notes" to the list of defective intel

    also; just like with BOB, i cant succesfully connect to the Sanctuary wifi...
    error: "Target and Proxy do not match"
    even though im connected with it, through the C2-turbine

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