Alpha 0.7.5 Bug Reports

Discussion in 'Previous builds' started by codex-13, Jun 26, 2017.

  1. codex-13

    codex-13 Senior Agent

    Find a bug? Post it here!

    Bugs I've 'found' (though they're well known in the Discord chat at least):

    Notepad doesn't display text if you no longer have it selected as the active window. I've also had it insert numbers randomly into an otherwise empty line. And, I'm not sure if it's meant to be persistent, but it persists across all workspaces.
  2. Wo1fsBan3

    Wo1fsBan3 Senior Agent

    Okay... this was in the last alpha too... I can't access the password attack in the Sanctuary of Secrets Hivemind. I have everything I need, it won't accept the phone. (I would post photos, but not entirely sure how to from my computer)
  3. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    you can work around this by locating the HVMuser:guest tech, and use that location in your password attack module.
    format would be something like; [sanctuariofsecrets.hvm/something/something]

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