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Discussion in 'Previous builds' started by codex-13, Apr 5, 2017.

  1. codex-13

    codex-13 Senior Agent

    Please use this thread to report and discuss bugs and errors for the 0.5 Alpha of NITE Team 4.
  2. Code

    Code Active Agent

    Audio Error in Private Communications (Tutorial) Mission 3

    Chief Officer audio says "...Turbine C3..." instead of "...Turbine C2..." during mission briefing.
  3. Code

    Code Active Agent

    General Command Retrieval Bug

    Holding the Up arrow to retrieve your last command will jump your cursor to the beginning of the line. Not sure if this is intended or not, the cursor jumping around janky-like suggests it probably wasn't intended. This isn't something I've seen in regular terminals.
  4. Code

    Code Active Agent

    Audio Error in Caller ID (Tutorial) Mission 5

    Chief Officer audio says "We just intercepted a call from Florium..." instead of "We just intercepted a call about Florium..."

    Minor but this does change the meaning of the sentence, especially for secondary English speakers.
  5. Code

    Code Active Agent

    Workstation Switching Issues

    This one might be more of a feature request than a bug. StingerOS doesn't remember your cursor position when you switch between workspaces.
  6. codex-13

    codex-13 Senior Agent

    Had the game crash a couple times trying to start it up today. Will send over logs if you want, @Anashel :)

    Also, minor error:

    Samantha Evans is technically 34, still. But the password attack only gives a 'green' result if you put her age as 35. Her birthday isn't for another couple weeks!

    Larger bug within Rosenews 3.
    I got the password for Samantha, but the mission isn't completing.
  7. RogueX

    RogueX New Agent

    Hey, I've been having issues with finishing mission 1.3, I've never played any of the builds.
    So I found out the password for SEvans but it won't finish the mission?
    Is there anything I'm missing? Is it a bug?
  8. codex-13

    codex-13 Senior Agent

    I've had the same issue crop up, I'm trying some stuff to get around it. Hang tight.
  9. Joris

    Joris Active Agent

    If the monitor that launches nt4 loses focus directly after launching nt4 the game will always crash.
  10. codex-13

    codex-13 Senior Agent

    I'm still unable to get past 1.3, the issue with the password resolving not triggering the mission end. So I'm just gonna flag it as a bug, for right now. I tried
    skeleton reset
    but the issue persisted.
  11. jacket49

    jacket49 New Agent

    NT 0.5 Buglist/Nice-to-haves:

    - When creating new windows in a workstation, if the header (with the "X") goes off screen, that window cannot be closed. Would be great to use cmd+W or ctrl+W to close the terminal like in a real work space. (to achieve this quickly, open a "dns & vhost mapping" module and continuously issue portscan commands) Another solution would be to stay in the remaining terminal and when another modules command is issued, allow it to display in the selected terminal without opening a new window).

    - Similar to previous "nice-to-have" comment, it would be really sick to have a command to open a new terminal; I'm sure there may be an issue with having a 'bare' terminal but if I was in "fingerprint" or "dns & vhost mapping" and hit cmd+T or ctrl+T, it would be great to open a duplicate terminal/module in the same workspace.

    - When starting the game the default brightness is fairly low, might be a better UX to increase it slightly for contrast.

    - Also having issues with 1.3, managed to connect via foxacid; Seems i'm having similar IoT camera issues. Will spend a bit more time here but not too sure there's much I can do here.

    Anyway, looking forward to more when 1.3 "blocked off" is unblocked :}

    EDIT: "Completed" 1.3 but info on the IoT cam was not found
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  12. Code

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    This issue has already been reported here:
  13. davinc

    davinc New Agent

    During the mission"Live Wire"
    the portscan shows that has a port, while for osintscan gives the domainname.
  14. Code

    Code Active Agent

    General Audio Muting Bugs

    If you turn down the "Music Volume" in Settings, the music still plays on the login screen when you relaunch the game, until you log in and it starts applying those saved settings. Those settings should be cached. This issue applies to the other audio settings as well.

    Additionally, there isn't an actual "mute" option, just moving the slider as far left as possible.
  15. Code

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    General Mission Hint Bug

    If you use a hint in a previous mission, when you view the next mission there will already be an X in the box for the hint without you ever clicking on it. Attached are screenshots of the issue. Issue corrects itself after restarting the game. Issue applies to any mission.

    Attached Files:

  16. Code

    Code Active Agent

    General Auto-Complete Bug

    I expected typing "cli" then pressing Tab would result in auto-completing to "". Instead it resolved to "". Auto-complete should be based on the beginning of the URL rather than on the highest domain name in the URL (or at least an option to switch between the two, can see both cases being useful.)
  17. codex-13

    codex-13 Senior Agent

    In mission 3, "Blocked Off"...
    Fingerprinting the IP and port for the IoT camera twice results in a 'mission complete', even if you haven't found the other objective.
  18. codex-13

    codex-13 Senior Agent

    Minor bug/typo in 'Live Wire'
    When sfuzzing from inside of, is missing a period (so it reads
  19. Code

    Code Active Agent

    This bug is not limited to multiple monitors. If the game is in windowed mode, changing the focus to another window (right between launching the game and before the Alice & Smith splash screen) results in a crash as well. Can provide logs in pm if needed.
  20. Code

    Code Active Agent

    Hivemind Triangulation General Bugs

    You can select triangulation points outside of the map. Also you can select triangulation points that are behind the globe (not visible). Lastly, the triangulation cursor can be controlled even after taking the game out of focus (like alt+tabbing).


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