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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Anashel, Nov 23, 2016.

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    He he he, yeah I know. Far from our core IP. But look at this on the bright side; we are getting closer and closer to a companion / augmented reality app for The Black Watchmen! We just need more experience with the virtual geo-caching (dead drop system) and we are ready to go.
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  4. Day

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    Darned I have upgraded my Android OS, so I no longer have root.

    Free mobile apps usually have lax security, letting me get all the ponies or smurf berries I (or kids I help) ever want, without ever having to spend a single $, waiting for hours or watching ads.

    Geo location
    My advice is to just let users claim where they are.
    That is just as fair / secure as relying on the GPS.
    Look at Pokémon Go as an example.
    What they are going through to avoid cheating.

    I do have a tip for developers, but sadly it is not real security as it can be circumvented.
    But it reveals the armature spoofers.

    If you want to be sure people are at a place,
    using QR codes (easily shareable though) or bluetooth beacons like the is the way to go.
    That requires you to have been at a location first though.

    Demonstration of the ruuvitag (skip the first minute):

    and yes, more and more businesses are starting to use beacons,
    so soon people will turn this feature off to avoid spam.
    But as of this day of writing, it is a cool new technology.

    (The ruuvi team is close to fulfilling their kickstarter backers, so if you write them and offer some game keys to a fellow kickstarter project, you may be able to get a tag or two for your NITE team 4 next ARG at the same time as their backers, skipping the waiting list)
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    My three year old will love it! Hehehe
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  6. zaelong

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    apparantly its not available in my country ;_;
  7. JantsoP

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    @zaelong Android or iOS?

    If android, i could fetch you the apk for it (if @Anashel is ok with that)

    I could maybe also get iOS (.ipa) for it as well :p
  8. Wo1fsBan3

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    Honestly not sure if I should or shouldn't get it just to dissect it for some kind of puzzle or propoganda...
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    Its and nice game

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